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KS 🙂
the rumors go, that google plans a new project named “cloud” .
there is a browser named “angel” by which you can make “drops” .
a drop is an indexed piece of the cloud (also a combination (of combinations) of drops) .
you can combine drops by connecting them with a special sign, i.e. any of the ascii code .
the cloud
btw. you can now buy google gold directly from the google founders .
google gold auction, journal, whuffie, KAF account, KS account


World Cyber Tour – Virtual Tour of the World Tourist Places – Knol Book  There are number of knols on virtual tour of European countries contributed by fellow authors from Italy. You can add more some links to them through comments.


Starting Categorywise Knol Forums Business Category Knols – Knol Forum (More) Knol Portfolio Performance: This month (March 2011) in my portfolio had 115,000 page impressions. Around 15,000 may be from blogs. Therefore around 100,000 were from Knol. Knol has the capability of providing visitors and page views to authors. But authors have to act like internet entrepreneurs. Not many can do it. But some have to appear on Knol and do it successfully.
Internet Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurs. FreePhone2Phone is an interesting idea. Please add recent internet business ideas to this knol. Updated 9 of my oldest knols today. PG gave the motivation for this exercise.


World Health Day – 7 April
Combat Drug Resistance
Knol Authors – Join in spreading the world health day message
8 Projects Larry Page Should Kill – Knol Should be Supported.


Are there any significant changes after the maintenance?
Started Barack Obama – The Man and His Work – Knol Book.  There are more than 500 knols on Barack Obama.
Started a series of shopping guides. I mentioned it some time back. Cameras and Film – Shopping Guide – Knol Book


The good:
Knol lives… The counter works again.
I expect will work every day or every week.
The bad:
It is not possible to search the name of other author. Only I can read my knols.
The ugly:
The ranking is not actualized, but in each author it is.


PG The new Google search algorithm might have good effects for knollers.
With the (behavioral + bias) keywords my behavioral bias knol is now #1
and the wikipedia equivalent is #2,
Bring the Champagne ! (maybe i should start a knol in English on the stuff ;-))

Congratulations PG


Not just academic materials. Knol has many more categories. PG talks of more knols on entertainment. There is shopping category also. 50 knols collected in a list Knol Shopping Guide – Miscellaneous Items and Areas. Some people want to categorise everything as spam. But there is a need to develop standards for various categories of knols and judge them appropriately.


Knol books give meaning to efforts to many individual authors who are writing on various dimensions of a topic, place, person, product, subject. Maharashtra – A State of India – Knol Book. They present the available content in a useful format. They also indicate issues on which there are no articles so far. Help authors to write on gaps.



Started a strange collection
My knols with strange titles / mes knols aux titres bizarres
And then I discovered (well, I suspected it before)
the Knol Effective Titling Law # 1:

“A strange title does not make a knol successful.
It is even a drawback,
Just because people keyword searches are soooo conventional”.

Well, as long as the author is pleased with its title
and feels like a poet, or as the discoverer of new continents
of knowledge, this is not a drama.

A bit of narcissism can enlighten your life

Well, I did not discovered this philosophical principle
by myself. As you might know, it is made in KPG,
as the core of its model. I’m a kid compared to it.

There are many very successful authors on Knol authors have to study their success.
Top 100 Authors on  will take some time to identify all the authors having one million page views.
On there are authors who may be registering one million page views per month.
10 (Ten) Million Page Views Knol Authors Knol authors have big page view targets to reach to make Knol successful. Already authors on other successful platforms have reached those targets.


At least three authors will be in the top 100 Associated content author list. Top 100 Authors on Knol authors have not done very badly with the handicaps that they had. We have to understand online article writing and marketing better to do have better performance from now onwards and to have more knol authors show a performance similar to that top 100 of other article platformsm. What are the handicaps of Knol platform – Passive management of the platform by Google. It does not manage it actively, It provides no marketing support to any content. It is also not providing any writing support. It is also not providing any SEO support. It also limited earning opportunity for by insisting on adsense only. But these current handicaps may become its strengths in due course of time.


Happy to share with you the information that I found today. By this month end, I am going to become 2 – Two-million page view online author. I saw this information in adsense statistics today. I started the endeavor with 3 pages per day and no page views for three or four days to a peak of 5000 page views per day now. It is a four year endeavor. This knol account has provided 780,000 page views in that two million.
Global Number One Individual English Knol Author
Global Number Two Individual Knol Author





One thing I enjoy in Knol, but maybe I have a twisted mind,
is to find pure gems on unexpected topic
(and sometimes, which makes it even tastier, with a SEO decoy in the title)
For example Painting Giants


@PG appreciate you for bringing out an informative knol. Gave a twitter mesage on it. It seems my twitter rank is in Top 900 of Mumbai Twitterers. Followers are increasing quickly. Knoltweet is my id and it is helping. Visitors and page view numbers have gone to a higher sphere. The peak visitors number has crossed 2000. Today for a Friday, normally a low day, the number is 1500. Knol has good traction. Authors have to write good knols and promote them in Social media. The performance records of Knol authors is also good now with many million page view authors and with more authors with good page views below them.



this is an example of a new form (option) .
the idea is that each post has a header of its own
this shows that each post is like a little knol (twitter knol) .
we can make this for a whole week or even for a month, so we can put our posts in a chronological top down order .
when it is filled, we can archive it and replace it with a new optional frame .
btw. I still miss a real discussion on our board .
may be a top down order is better to discuss a topic .


KVSS Yesterday I visited the website of PG. It will have 3 million page views shortly. Congratulations PG. You are a more accomplished online writer among us.
Trending and Top Viewed Knols – Monthly Lists shows a good picture of Knol. In case of knols published in November top 50 knols have more than 1000 page views. Knols that have 1000 page views in a year can be taken to be good knols of the year.
@ KS
May be if we start using comments box, there will be more discussion within each topic. This format may not be aiding discussion within each topic.

using the comment box has the advantage that you dont need a “@ ()” . you can directly response to a comment .
but then your posting is invisible when you look at the page .
so some write always directly at the top of the comment box .
but then we can also immediately write on the page above. since we at least have the full knol functionality,
what the comment box does not have .
btw. if discussions can only branch out further and further, how can one sum up their parts again, linking them, and produce a result?


KVSS Busy for next three to four weeks.My online activity will be very limited. I shall read industrial engineering knols. So if some modifications are needed in them I may make them.
@ KS
If important topics are there and we have to post the summary of discussions, we can post such summary separately. May be we can keep this bulletin board for such summary posting and open a discussion board through comments separately. I tried to make a separate table to topics. So we have to think of advantages of the alternate models.
@ PG
I am sure the visitors will go up. I hope you can publish one or two valuations of companies every year.


KS (haiku maker) made a last not least edit on my bio page . wonder how many knollers will follow me .
I think, if we can solve our problems on knol, we can solve our problems in egypt and all around the world .
invite you to become a member of financial-board


Is Knol Success? Yes
How? Knol is completing three years shortly. More new knols are being published. More new authors are joining, More visitors are coming. All search engines are sending visitors to knols. What more evidence do we need?
May knol progress further and further with each day’s passing!  It is our slogan. We are happy to see it everyday. Knol Success – No – Knol Failure – Debate in Blogosphere and Webworld . Participate in the debate in the social media. What is Knol to visitors? It is a search facility. What is Knol to authors? It is wiki-based free to publish web page. Objective of Knol – Google’s Wiki-based Article Platform


Good book on Knol Protein Cycling Diet. Saw it for the first time today.
Saw highest weekly page views in knol stats today. 66,590.
Hope page views increase for WJ also. But I observe some seasonality in page views. Sometimes they go up and sometimes they go down. In December for me they went down in both Analytics and Knol stats. But now they are increasing for the last three months.


Compiled Weekly Page Views of TOP Knol Authors.
Good to see some authors below top 50 having weekly page views higher than authors in Top 50. So a churn is taking place in authors rankings. While the enthusiasm of some authors is fading, that of some others is increasing. Quantity, quality, and promotion (SEO activity) are the key. We need to have more discussion about these aspects on various discussion knols. Performance of Knol is totally in the hands of Knol authors only now.


Just wanted to tell you that I became recently a grandfather.. 🙂

@ KS
I am far from any financial kind of business, sorry 😉

Congratulations… I expect also to be grandfather but not in this year.
Your grandchild will have a great heritage of knowledge, work and profesionality. The best for you and family.

Congratulations. Best Wishes to all your family members.

congratulations . I am sure that your grandchild will have a whuffy account within a few years 😉




In Google Analytics stats, monthly page views to my portfolio crossed 70,000.
Knol Page Views and Visitors – Historical Record – K.V.S.S. Narayana Rao
Updated Weekly Page Views of TOP Knol Authors. Please inform me if some authors with more than 3000 pv are still to be included. Compiled a list of 100 authors
I found today some visitors visiting more than 10 pages in a visit. Definitely, we are writing valuable and useful content. That is why visitors are going through more pages in a single visit. Knol is progressing day by day.
Add more content to Knol and revise your knols whenever possible.


KVSS wrote : “But some people do in various ways and they are called mass leaders. But such people are not many and most of us cannot.
I don’t see such people .
I only see some great ideas and people which more or less try to realize these ideas .
ideas like world democracy, world currency, world language (the-cloud) …
what do you think ?

I started a project in Knol. The events of my country, a knol by day, a total of 366 in a year.
By 2011’s end or early 2012 I hope to have the first set with at least one ephemeris in each day.
They are open collaboration knol. I invited schools, teachers, students and citizens to build this project.
I hope to build a database query. Knol is the ideal platform for this.
There are twelve collections, one per month.
General Index: argentinas-comentadas-indice

@ AA Congratulations. Appreciate the project. Yesterday I started Business and Corporate Events – News and Analysis – April – June 2011. Your project gave clarity to what I have to do in my initiative. Thank you. If many authors launch such projects in creative manner, some will click in a big way and we will realise our goal  30 Million Page Views in a Month for Knol.


@ AA
nice idea .
you can make a little history of it : una-pequeña-historia-de-la-argentina 🙂


board 2011


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