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958 new knols posted today. Some interesting knols are there in the subjects of mathematics, Hebrew language etc.


Dear friends, Thank you all for wishing the best.  At last I got an internet access.  Wish us good luck as the game is not over yet in Egypt.. This is a very difficult time, but we have to go through this excerise to the end..

Mubarak shows his true colors .
and not only he, his friend Barack Obama too .
when does the UNO show responsibility ???

Demonstrations in Egypt are still continuing. Countries with democracy naturally support demand for democracy. But majority of people are pragmatic most of the time.

Yes, democratic countries have to promote democracy, but they cannot (and should not) force it into others.
What is a problem is when democratic countries support undemocratic ones.
Btw, democratic countries should give the example by fostering democratic institutions at the global level. This supposes them to abandon some “sovereign” attributes (democratic globalization)


I am organizing a training program on Industrial engineering. The books in the Industrial Engineering – Knol Books – Catalogue are of help. The books will keep expanding and participants can use them and also circulate them to their colleagues. These knol books are also making various articles written more visible and authors will be motivated to update them. Personally I found many knols that need some more content addition as they are listed now in knol books and are more visible.
Knol Directory of Interesting Knols also is getting some attention these days. Some authors are adding knols to the directory. Also many new knols are being published now and some of them need to be included in the directory. Today also more than 1000 new knols are posted.

I have now made it so you can just click on that big black and color icon at the top and it will Edit this article.  It’s now a click-able image.


Not able to access gmail today. Sometime back also it happened. Also adsense ads are not coming in Knols. Any problem specific to my computer only. Or is it a general problem? Updated some subdirectories of Knol Directory.
There is more activity on Twitter and Digg by knol authors now. But it has to increase. Knol authors need to be aware that any extra digg is treated as a backlink. Similarly retweeting gets the credit. So if you are on these platforms and give diggs and retweets to some other knols, you are promoting the specific knols as well as the Knol platform.
1021 new knols posted. Knol is attracting new authors. It is good. We need to highlight good and interesting knols from the new knols.


As a follow up of my – too short, therefore a bit simplistic – intervention yesterday on a critical topic, I wrote the following addition to my democratic globalization knol thad could introduce a more complete approach in a necessary debate.
“Democratic persons, organizations and countries should promote democracy, support democratic forces in undemocratic countries, and should not support undemocratic governments (something often bypassed for “realpolitik motives). They can also rescue populations in immediate massive danger.
But they cannot (and should not) impose democracy by force and create new tragedies (Iraq). The divisions of the world with the pre-eminence of the nation-states make the interventions of a nation into another one most of the time illegitimate and suspicious, unless a global consensus is reached. Democratic globalization, as proposed in this knol, would make it more feasible by implementing a world “police” and “justice” against rogue governments that have no respect for Human rights


google gold auction is expanding .
you can buy F’s now .
e.g. you buy 20 F (makes 100 w) .
if all the F are sold, G auction starts .
you have now 40 G .
when the G are sold, you got 200 w .
you made 100 w .
so you are a winner of the whuffie contest and I’ll buy 100 w from you (makes 100 €)


Quiet, isn’it?
Btw, I am a bit disappointed not to see knols in English or French about the recent Tunisia and Egypt events.
Too complex, fast changing and uncertain situations?
Or no knollers there?
Or censors are watching?

would be interesting to hear about the role of the Internet, there .
didn’t they had it cut off ?

I monitor my Google Analytics quite a lot and my Adsense.  I’m not making much through Adsense, but I think I’m getting a little better at understanding what types of articles are getting revenue.  Some surprised me and some disappointed me.


I now have a very clear path to clean up much of the mess in the world today.
All this mess is definitely due to the lack of our understanding what the mind is. The mind is the most important part of every human being. While the vast majority is left to a life of struggle due to a messed up emotional intelligence. The mind is a super sense that is formed by a mixture of the five senses and is powered by intelligence and emotional intelligence. The quality of the brain determines the quality of the mind.
The question is that it does not matter what the mind is; the question is is there a way to educate/make the mind super mature? The highest quality mind is powered by selflessness! And selflessness can be taught. Every mind can be made selfless! Thus every mind can be made +2 super mature.
I think we should form an anti-corruption web site taking inspiration from the Egyptians.

@ SK  Please do not write long messages that take up more than half the screen.  We had agreed before that these would be deleted.  Please remove or shorten your message.  Thanks.  I have taken the liberty of shortening SK’s message to one-half-page or less.
much more readable (KS)

what do you mean by selflessness ? writing long statements ?
you can show selflessness by accepting my vote and be the first president of world money institution . world money institution surely needs selfless persons . all you need is to open us a knol for this . you need half of the time you need for writing a comment . (btw. that’s also a true anti-corruption web site)


It was KVSS and me who started this knol. I brought the initial team of KVSS, RK and KS together. Now you are editing and shortening my posts. You all effectively threw me out of being part of this knol. Anyway I will wish you all Good Luck. And thanks for not deleting my post all together.
I think my big time is coming. Before I never thought of making any money from my research. But now having all these inventions and original ideas I think I will focus on making money. And you all can have some of it too. Most will go to eliminating ignorance and spreading wisdom around the world.

you alone did nothing . it was JMC, KS, KVSS, PG, RK and SK, who brought the initial team together .


I think it would be interesting if we all shared a link to one of our Knols that surprised us in becoming popular.  What did you write, that you thought wouldn’t really be all that popular and yet is getting a lot of constant views?  For me, one surprise was that Western movies (movies about the U.S. “Old West”), seem to be the most popular Chairpotato Presents : Westerns (Movies) on YouTube gets more views than any other genre of movie.


Last week I was busy conducting a program on Industrial Engineering. Material that I posted on Knol proved its usefulness. The total page views to various knols in industrial engineering are approaching 100,000 number. But still, the popular knols do not appear in the list of Google search results in the top 50 also for search on the key word industrial engineering. Need to know some SEO ideas.
I made two comments today in response to a Krishan Maggon comment on Knol Help page. One is on adsense income.
Adsense income depends on page views.
100,000 page views may give anywhere between $50 to $300. XOMBA managers claim to monetize their page well.
If we have not made money, it is because we do not have the full knowledge of creating and marketing knols. The difference in blogs, and knols is that when blogs first appeared many website writers and professionals got into it in a big way and some of them had a great success and became professional bloggers. As Knol is a very late entrant no professional has adopted knol platform. All of us who seriously adopted the platform probably do not have the talent to attract big audience. Fine with many of us. We are at least able to share our writing with the rest.
If the platform survives, there is a possibility that really resourceful online writers adopt the platform.
@ KS


@ WJ  Sometimes some knols do not have ad sense ad. Sometimes a message comes saying that there is failure of connection. As you said, it is definitely a surprise that some knols become popular and some knols that we think will be popular do not become popular. In that connection only I mentioned industrial engineering in my last post.
I just prepared a knol Creative Problem Solving and Knowledge. I referred to an article from suite 101 in it. The punchline of this article publishing platform is “Insightful writers. Informed readers.”
One more occasion to make an entry in Knol Page Views and Visitors – Historical Record – K.V.S.S. Narayana Rao. 2311 page views in a day in analytics data is a historical record. This is approximately 10% more than the last record 2116 daily page views. So Knol is still growing in page views. On Feb 10, my adsense info shows 5400 page views. I am not able to figure out from where they have come. The clicks are only 3 on that day, so no money, but page views is good. These peaks become average over a period of time.


Congratulations WJ
You are the first knol author to reach the milestone of 500 knols with more than 1000 page views.
Will Johnson
Narayana Rao K.V.S.S. 
Knol has excellent traction provided valuable and useful content is provided through posts.
The lists were prepared in Jan 2009 to show scope for knol writing.
Using an old idea for a new purpose.
Branches of Knowledge – (A to D) [Accounting to Dynamics of Machinery)
Branches of Knowledge – (E to H) [Ecology to Hydraulic Machinery]
Branches of Knowledge – (I to K)
Branches of Knowledge – (M to P)
Branches of Knowledge – (Q to T)
Branches of Knowledge – (U to Z)


I just cautioned SK about long messages.  We had agreed to limit our message length to only one-half a screen.  KVSS can you find a way to reduce the size of your below message?  Thanks.  I’ve shotened the below message.  Everyone should please keep messages short.  Thanks.
@ WJ  Thanks. It was a second message posted by me in the afternoon. On a different issue.


Top Knols by Page Views of Narayana Rao K.V.S.S.

   1-50   51-100   101-150   151-200
 201-250  251-300    301-350   351-400
 401-450   451-500   501-550   551-600
 601-650   651-700   701-750   751-800

50 knols with more than 5000 page views.500 knols with more than 1000 page views.800 knols with more than 500 page views.
If all of us can prepare similar tables, they can be hosted in Knol Promotion Board

Just today, I passed the two million total pageviews metric.

Congratulations. You are achieving in number of ways.


Can we identify 50,000 interesting knols with academic or useful content, an author list can be sufficient and provide marketing support for them?  English may have 25,000, Arabic 5000, French 5000, Italian 5000, and German 5000, Spanish 5000.
MAK can look at Arabic, PG can look at French, KS at German, AA at Spanish. We can request Silvergio Carugo for Italian. For English we can involve more persons.
Knol Has Traction – Authors With Useful Content Getting Visitors and Page Views
Made the beginning for English Interesting and Useful Knols – Authors Lists
Some problem seems to be there in the knol. Some material added already is not visible.

google-gold-auction  is expanding .
you can buy G’s now .


Someone please archive this page, it’s getting huge.

if nobody cares, i will do that (for each author separately like  myboard-2011-january) .
you only have to open a knol .
(I will put it on KS (see above))
Kalle please do it. This page is getting so large that some people won’t be able to edit it.

We can periodically keep deleting. When we want we can go back to versions and see the content. Also, at convenience, we can archive from versions.
Made some work on identifying interesting and popular knols. Knol Search Directory of Interesting Knols

I have made a further step, as you can see in the lower part .
you find the corresponding contents by klicking above on KS/#2/day

Around 10,000 knols with 1000 page views or more are there on Knol. Out of these 1000 are accounted by WJ and KVSS. Based on this I think an estimate of 20,000 knols with 500 page views or more could be made. On Knol, the problem is not content. The problem is marketing. No body is marketing knols – Authors – author groups or Knol managers. Knol managers are not going to do the marketing. It is left to authors and author groups.

we are a community, not a company .
I think, you should accept a fine 😉


@ KS
You know only sometime back that we all raised a hue and cry saying that Knol is getting closed. Our community is being maintained by a company. We need a plan that outlines how “Knol progresses further and further” and all of us have to come out with ideas and a team program. It is only when many ideas are put forward and a selection is made by consensus, more action will be there on the part of the team.

I did not say that knol is getting closed, nor did any other co-author here .
the question is : does the community progress by first progressing the company ?
or does the company progress by first progrssing the community ?
I think the second .

In simple English, company and community are same. In business Jargon, company and community have no direct relation. Unless you say company operates in a community. Then a company is not opened unless there is an expectation that company operates profitably in the community. Companies operate in communities and communities develop around the company. In our case, Knol came first and then communities came around it. We need to spell out more clearly our position when there is lot of confusion. Normally such confusion will not be there. But now it seems to be there. That is where Prof Eric Clausen’s clarification helps. If you want to be a loner you can be a loner on Knol. Write what you want and get visitors from search engines. No relations with others. But we started associations and we want relationships. We believe relationships help our interest in writing on Knol.

what came first the chicken or the egg ?
but we should forget what came first, we should first straighten out our priorities.
and here you say company comes first and I say community comes first .
if there would be a better company to maintain a community I would have gone there .
but there is not .
as Wael Ghonim said : google is the best company in the world .

The hue and cry was general from Knol authors.


Knol Help can contain only content of some authors. Other authors require approval from them. Professor Eric Clausen expresses such a judgment and then starts a topic. One topic is not appropriate and but the topics above it are appropriate. So I said “you want exposure to your group of authors in the way you think is appropriate. Self interest of some authors who boast all the time we are the best and rest are the worst.”
I do not understand how on social platforms such things thrive. On a social platforms, equality of opportunity under simple terms of service is the basis.

old Eric is right by saying that knol help is not the right place for promotion (the best promotion is to help our co-authors) and that knol discussion page is the place for discussions about knol .
it is only when many ideas are put forward and a selection is made by consensus, more action will be there on the part of the team.
btw. archiving from versions is difficult (how to find the right version ?) and even impossible if the number of versions is too big .

Second entry of the day. Knol authors have a long way to go and can go. 10 million page views possible.
10 (Ten) Million Page Views Knol Authors. On other article platforms there are 10 mil PV authors.


There is life in Knol Help
Knol Help has edited the knol Content Policy in this month: See the date:< A little sign of life... KVSS
Thank you AA. Life was there in Knol when some problems were sorted out. Also there was news item that said, Google spokesman stated that Google is supporting Knol. But for Google, it is now a technology platform and not a media platform. That is why I think, even right from the start, we did not get marketing support in any manner from Knol. Marketing knols is totally the responsibility of Knol authors. If a knol is not indexed, it is the problem of the knol author. He has to find out ways and means of getting it indexed, knol managers are not concerned about it. Making Knol, a media platform, is the responsibility of knol authors. They need not make it for the entire platform. It is probably like a shopping mall. You have a stall which is given freely to you. How you set up the stall and sell your goods is your job. If you do not do good business, they will ask you to vacate. If the whole shopping mall does not do well, they will change the business. I think Knol is like that given freely to all to come up with online knowledge ventures. I think some good content was created on Knol and Knol authors now have to focus on marketing.

this picture is not good for you, for you then are the one who runs around and request all others to buy your goods 😉

Yes, I explained my concept of Knol in clear terms in various knols. I also wrote about knol promotion and marketing extensively and lamented that Knol authors have ignored marketing.  I implemented some of them also more actively, as I wanted Knol to succeed. At this time as you said “it is not good for you.” When you say it, things must be extremely bad. Well one has to reap the rewards of his work and then start all over again for the next plantation season.


I appreciate your statement.
if there would be a better company to maintain a community I would have gone there .
but there is not .
as Wael Ghonim said : google is the best company in the world .

there is now a hue and cry from knol authors that you are a self promoter .
what does that mean in your market picture ?

Good question. There is hue and cry from top pick hue and cry group whose biggest achievement is creating conflicts among knol authors and painting a negative picture of Knol platform, Google and also Knol managers and knol authors in general. How does Google react now?
How do readers of my articles react? Will they stop reading?  I shall know in a month’s time,.


Aren’t we all self-promoters ?  What does it mean ?

Yes there is a hue and cry from knol authors but from just a small group that is a pack of, in my book mature +1. These guys pretend to be +2 selfless but they are not. They are jealous, and above all delusional. They think they know who is good and who is not. They want to destroy anyone who points out their flaws. Take my own spat with them. They accuse my knols as being of very low quality based on my average page views. On the one hand they point out that 300 total page views for Prof. Eric is OK but for me 300 page views amounts to low quality. I have many knols that are above 50 page views a week. Also some of my ideas are so original that I am the only one out there in the entire world. here is not a single person out there in the entire world who has quantified the mind in this manner. Just look at the practical applications of this… If this pack was genuinely selfless they would join me, or at least be honest about my work. They think they are the best. The reality is that they are very good in their professional field but there is little original in their work. Knol is about originality.
Sorry WJ for being long again.

a selfpromoter says : I am the law .
Gaddaffi & Co .
SK (see above),
and perhaps we all ?


I have shortened SK’s 02/23 message.

I think long messages can be given as short messages by giving links. You write a long message on your board and give only link here.
Thanks to WJ, I am now able to find knols published in a day and track their performance over period. Marketing by Knol authors is the problem now on Knol. After 30 days only 45 knols have 30 or more page views in knols published on a day. I shall repeat the analysis periodically. Knol Has Traction – Authors With Useful Content Getting Visitors and Page Views.

Yes I think that’s right. Many Knols seem to be being created just as a type of spam. Those get very few views.


just saw a very interesting interview with Jason Calacanis .
did not understand much, but very, very interesting .
@ WJ  good team work . I would have shortened it in exactly the same way .
@ KVSS  we can even put our comment on y2011/#
and put a link here (only the date and the name (I made the below part as an example))
@ MAK  two weeks ago you wrote:
Sorry Kalle, I can’t accept what you are saying, it should be better if you said something logic in this historical time, but it seems that you just want to play with words while we are struggling here in Egypt..
can you say something logic about the struggle in libya in this historical time ?


@ KS  Thank you for the link. Will see the video.
Made a board for detail comments. Marketing is the need of time on Knol. Submitted the knol to y2011.
@ WJ  All knols are not spam knols. They are number of my knols also with less than 30 page views after 30 days. It is because I am also not doing adequate promotion. Now that I noticed it, I have to ensure from now onwards 30 page views per month for all my new knols. We have to communicate this message to more knol authors.


Million Knols Could be Breakeven on incremental basis for the platform
On one page view per knol per day basis, million knols can turn out to be breakeven size. Knol authors can be happy to know that by this year end we may reach million knols. But now we have to highlight article marketing by authors to ensure that there is average one page view per knol per day. Sometime back we highlighted recruit more authors and accumulate more knols. Now our theme has to be article marketing by knol authors.

@ KVSS  I know that English is not your first language.  Your Knol in English might be phrase “Now is the time for better marketing on Knol” or “It’s time to market Knol” or something like that.  At any rate, a long time ago I created a script to allow Tweeting Knols but no one even asked me about how to use it.  I used it for a while, but then Twitter changed how you can auto-tweet so it no longer works.  I still Tweet my most important Knols though.  I also have begun using sites like LinkedIn, MySpace, Digg….  I think they do work, it’s hard to quantify it, you have to really monitor your Google Analytics intently to see.


@ WJ  Thank you for the information. I request you to write a knol on marketing of knols. We don’t know which will impress authors to act. Sites like twitter, digg, xomba are helping. Now I see that my recent knols are indexed on Yahoo as well as Bing. Search rank may be a different issue but first getting indexed is important and if one gives links on twitter and some social bookmarking forums, articles do get indexed.
Yes   Knol Authors Need to Focus on Knol Marketing also. Apart from posting knols they have to market them. Otherwise posting a knol is sheer waste of time.
@ PG  Original could mean it should not be a copy of another online article. Second Knol authors have not done any significant marketing. On any social book marking platform there are not even 1000 knol links. Search engines need support of backlinks to give higher rank to an online article in search results. Knol authors have to join these social media channels – forums and bookmarking sites and make their presence felt there. Till then Knols will not have good news coverage in social media and also they will not have reasonable traffic.
@ SK  Slightly shortened your post. You can make a long comment on your board and make a short comment  here and give link. That way archiving and clearing work will come down.

The revamped google algorithm is said to put a premium on original content
That might change the game:
Knol 1 – Wikipedia 0

Yes original in that no one else said it first.  It might push down those Wikipedia articles which are just copies from the Encyclopedia Brittanica 1911, but not the others.  What it should hopefully do, is push completely out of the picture the content farms, which generate no new details, only the same things re-ordered.

board 2011


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