board 2011 (january)


Happy New Year to all visitors and authors.
There is good and popular content on Knol on many topics. I am trying to compile lists of popular and serious   knol authors, their top knols. Knol books will also be made to showcase the same in topic wise lists.
Potential 100,000 Page View Knol Authors
Top Knols of Potential 100,000 Page View Knol Authors
Music Instruments – Knol Book is knol book based on knols of a potential 100,000 page author. See how many popular knols are there on the topic. Knol books are for highlighting many knols. Authors are requested to indicate appropriate knols to these collections whenever they publish them or come across them. The knol books grow as more new knols are published and entered.

every company needs a brand .
every community needs a vision .
my vision in 2011 .
we should give KAF two big goals :
world democracy & world currency .
on knol we can try playing .


I made a new collection . if you like it, you can give me some whuffie .
in the future I will only make my own personal archive .
I suggest that each of us makes his own archive .
if he makes an open knol and highlighted the contributions that he would like to have archived, I can maintain this for him .


some names for our board .
board, the board, knol board, big board, new board, aboard, mother-board, we, hive mind, welt-gemeinschaft, wisdom council, knol storming, open board .


third eye .
if we regard ourself with the eye of the team, we’ll have a third eye .

Number of new Knols created, sorted by creation date shows that Knol is  now a strong publishing site.  This compilation of WJ is a significant contribution in the last days of 2010. I saw in two successive days 1000 new knols being published. It is very good output on Knol. Some active knol authors have to select good knols from them and popularise them. New active authors are emerging. Many of the old are now tired. Yes, we can relax now if there is a need, as Knol is in better state now.
My knol books project is going on well. Manufacturing Management – Knol Book and
Marketing Management – Knol Book of Readings are doing well with more than 500 page views. I saw in analytics also that they are getting up to 15 page view per day. I think special topic or subject wise interest groups will develop on Knol. It is taking time. But democracy group and world currency group can certainly develop. Europeans have better understanding of those two concepts because of their Euro experience. The group can use Knol to explain the concept as well as to popularise the concept. As far as subjects are concerned my interests are industrial engineering, management (revision materials), equity research and research methodology. As far as themes are concerned it is Knol platform promotion. PG is another knol author who has some common interests. I am trying to bring together more persons through Knol books etc. But will take time. No doubt I have colleagues at NITIE who are in the field of management.
The number of posts on the board have come down may be due to holidays or may be because now it is time to focus on knol writing and strengthen the momentum visible in new knol publishing.
But will increase suddenly once a new common issue emerges and the need for third eye is felt strongly.

Thanks for your interest in democracy and in world currency as Knol topics
Yes, It would be good that they be developped.
Although they might not have huge viewing potential, Knol can built a good global citizen reputation and image by harboring and encouraging such topics.


it’s a pity that you don’t understand what world money is .
if we want to make a better money, we can do this only as a team .
but instead of helping us, you are looking for page views and for adsense .
I don’t think that this is the way .

Yes I do not understand the “better money.” As more people understand your ideas and start using them profitably, I may also understand. When people do not understand somethings at early stages, they will understand at later stages. I understand that page views and adsense are important for Knol platform and many knol authors are making efforts for them. I am also making some effort along with them.
But I wish you success in your project. I am patient with many of my ideas now in my profession. I am first of all happy that I have any idea which is worth sharing. It will take time for others to consider it, think about it and use it or reject it. When the idea requires the involvement of others we need to be patient. That is what I am telling SK also. If he has ideas on emotional intelligence, it is good. He is explaining his ideas using videos on Youtube, blogs and knols. He got a channel of communication. But now you cannot get impatient  with others. Yes, it is emotionally disturbing when things do not move according to our ideas. To the extent possible all of us have to manage it. I would say Google managers are managing the negative reactions to their product launches rather well. They want their products to evolve in a direction which is not in agreement with many others. Hence the negative comments and criticism.

it is not my idea or my project .
it’s not even PGs idea, but he has written a wonderful knol about it, where you can also read why it is important .
you are an important person in our group, so why waiting till more people understand the idea and start using them . if you understand the idea and start yousing them other people will follow you
it’s also the best for SK I think . there is a real chance for him to become a great man .
but not against the team (not on knol) .


hola gente
aquí también puedes escribir en español.


what about a whuffie contest ?
the first three to make 100 w in this year are the winners .
the contest commitee (KAF account) and the world money institution (WOMOI) are requested to buy the whuffies .


KS @ team
I made a new collectiontion
team members are invited to put one of their knols to this collection .
we can also put a link to this knols on the top of our board (instead of the actual links) .
if there is no ‘no’ within a week, I will do this .


Strange discovery
Wondering why so many knols and so few views
Whatever the name, doesn’t seem the French President is involved 😉

Good observation. One thing is that the author may not be caring at the moment. Expecting visitors, just because an article is posted is not right, Unless a visitor searches for it, he will not see it. Now even Knol search engine may give a low place to a new article. Google search engine will not even index a new knol article. Authors have to do some initial promotion to get the some early page views through links that they distribute through emails or through some comments etc. Only when visitors are coming hrough those links, search engines start indexing.
Knol books are doing reasonably well. Many of them have now 100 page views and more. By the end of January, most of them will have 100 page views and 100 books in total will have 10,000 page views.
List of Knol Books by Narayana Rao K.V.S.S.

so many knols and so few views
It seems that readers have a built-in garbage-filter .

It is search engines that have a garbage filter first. Unless an author invests effort to share and invite his circle of readers to his article, search engines will not index his knol. No reader is coming to find out what new knols are posted by new authors. They are looking for information they want through search engines. We, knol authors have to recognize this point and inform other knol authors. Many knol authors are not doing the basic first steps of promoting knols. No doubt we do not know steps of search engine optimization. No knol author so far has made efforts to explain SEO steps to other knol authors and patienly tried to support them to do good SEO. There are one or two articles on SEO for knols but there is no sustained effort. Somebody has to emerge who has regard for coauthors and brings them into a team and works with them as a team and guides them without disturbing them and annoying them.

It is search engines that have a garbage filter first.
does that mean, search engines are older than our brain ?
is the team a function of a so called SEO expert ?
(and why this big letters above?)

Well, when it comes to a particular brain, search engines evaluate lot of content before. Wikis are for collaborative edits, big letters are only header names to highlight something. purpose over we can change it. Team I think requires some knowledge or expertise or has to get it to accomplish some complex and unknown tasks. If it does not have it, it may not achieve anything substantial on that issue. So some team member has to develop that expertise.

well, I think we can make our own SEO .
look at your books . that’s a beginning .


Knol has Good Body Now. The Body has to Move.
In the last two and half years, the infant Knol platform has grown and developed bones, muscles and other vital organs. It has to move at a rapid pace now and cover large area around it. WJ has done good service to Knol by posting Number of new Knols created, sorted by creation date  and pointing out that now Knol is a popular publishing platform. New Knols in English – Published on Various Dates was created by KVSS to monitor the knols published daily at periodic intervals to include relevant knols in knol books. The data in these knols show that more and more new knols are being posted. That shows Knol platform is now attracting attention in online publishing space. Somebody wrote in the help comments on that only a small percentage of the it is good. An open platform will have all genres and all varieties. As content posted increases, good content also increases. Built in filters of search engines, reviewers and readers will push up good content and bury useless content. So one should be happy with increased content on Knol.
Knol has traction and good body now. It needs to move which means the authors have to act right now. Of course there can be number of models about what authors have to do. Many authors need to express them and authors can choose any model they like or create a different model.

my first idea was that each co-author should make its own myBoard 2011 and add the link to bulletin board (from it you have easy access to the collection) .
so you can look the whole diskussion or only a part of them and everyone has ONE link.
today there are two KS-links, one KVSS-link and one RK-link . this is not égalité .
if you want to push another of your knols, there is no publishing limit .
but you can make also a collection and add this as YOUR knol .
I’ll then add y2011 as MY knol, where everyone can make a myBowrd 2011 .


Yes, In the manner of “Toys R us”, our brand could be “Knol is creation”
Sorry if it doesn’t make the “creationists” happy to rob their idea ;-))

it’s a good idea to rob an idea 😉 .
as I just wrote to KVSS, we should first create égalité :
one top-link for each co-author .


It is search engines that have a garbage filter first.
does that mean, search engines are older than our brain ?
is the team a function of a so called SEO expert ?
(and why this big letters above?)


Knol book concept has attracted attention. We are going to get different versions of the knol book which is good for Knol. My best wishes for all authors to develop successful versions of knol books. I completed the first announcement of all the 100 hundred knol books of my list 1 on twitter. Announcing on twitter has to advantage that many search engines will have a look at your article. How many of them will index it I do not know. But the chances of indexing increase if online articles are announced on twitter. I think if some persons click on a link and come to your article, chances of indexing go up.
@ WJ not active for quiet sometime.
@ AA not active for quiet sometime.
In knol books format we can create country information knol books.
India Information – Knol BookUSA Information – Knol Book
They can be created in multiple languages. It is the interest of knol authors. About 200 countries and 50 languages, 10,000 knol books can be created. Of course, it requires quiet an amount of work and we require authors with enthusiasm. Sometime we can create an idea and feel there is scope, implementing it can be a daunting task. “Knol is Creation.” Thank you PG. Authors have to create knols first and then create Knol.


jusqu’à présent j’ai été un structuraliste, grâce à PG je suis à partir de maintenant un créationniste 🙂
         Verdamnt ! Ca alors ! 🙂
my next creation :
that’s an option to make a top link under that label
         Les cinq knol mousquetaires ? 🙂
according to a suggestion of KVSS you can also link to a collection .

Yahoo answers as a “conduit” to knols


MAK was a co-author on the old board .
so I invited him to come to our new board .

Thank you very much for your invitation for co-author on this new bulletin board
I’m glad to be with you again, wishing all the best for everyone.

Hearty welcome, MAK!
@ All
A new bug appears, many knols listed in collections are not appearing in those collections (they can be seen as “unknown knols”, when trying to edit the collection)

Ca alors !
5 w to you for that hint .
verdammt ! where is the journal ? ah, got it 😉 .

wonderful knol .

MAK @ PG, KS and team
Thank you very much for your warm welcoming me back.
Looking forward good work, collaboration and ideas.. 🙂

MAK @ Team
What is going on Knol today?
Is it going away?
So many bugs, needs some of the tech and admin Google team to solve.
Hope they fix it soon

they (knol help) probably try something new.
I do not think it takes a long time .

I guess the problem is with the search engine of knol. There must be some bug in it.
I created a new knol. So no problem to create and edit knols. Problem to create and edit collections is there because of a problem in knol search engine.
The Soul is immortal and Goes Through a Series of Reincarnations – Pythagoras
Links on Knol Promotion Board are working fine. I linked this promotion board to KVSS. Any knol author can write his link at the top of this knol to promote his knol. No limit to links of any author. As new authors write their links, you knol link may keep going down. We can not keep more than 200 to 300 links at any time to keep the knol working. It is a good internal knol promotion tool. Invite coauthors for this promotion board. As usual I hope to have the maximum 25 coauthors allowed by Knol.

The problem began about 24 hours ago. It was a slow problem, some knols starting not appearing, unless you were the author and logged in. More and more knols got this problem, until by about 12 hours ago, the problem was complete, in that knols did not appear to anyone other than the author. If however you have a list of your own knols, you can still jump to any knol, edit it and save it. Hmmm I see I have to modify my remarks. You can see other peoples knols if you know the exact URL. I just pulled up a knol by Narayana and another by kalle because I knew exactly the URL. So to me this means the indexes are screwed up, not the knols. So make a list of all your knols, put it outside of Knol, like on or pbwiki or someplace else, that isn’t Knol, once it’s indexed, google searches will have normal access again to all your knols. Actually it turns out you don’t even have to wait. Just add the link to where your list of knols is, to your“About Me” page, which apparently everyone can still see.

I hope this is not a too big thing .
we really need a page where google is telling us, what is going on .
does anybody know whether SK has contacted the google people in new york, just as he announced it some times ago ?


It’s working, except the awards have all vanished. The Top Pick and Top Viewed awards are gone anyway

mahna mahna 🙂 🙂
@ WJ
I have put your posting on knol help


All is working normally… We can see the collections…
Without actualization of PV, but this is normal in Knol…

Last four hours I am not able to access Gmail. Gmail down today?
Developing country knol books Argentina información – Knol libro
Hope more authors notice the utility of knol books.

The ratings and awards all seem to be back now as well.


google has good body now. the body has to move.
Larry Page is back on top .


Total page views by author is now working again! Congratulations to Narayana for moving up one position in the List of Top Viewed Authors on Knol


There is not the table of knols more visited. If you click you cannot see the list.

my knol list is ok .


it seems like Google will take another nap.. 😦

why do you think that ?

As individual update has been stopped since two days. 😦

yes, we need a hotline to Larry Page 😉

OK, we can live with that


Today an important newspaper in Argentina, Ambito Financiero ( has commented a knol and talked about Knol:
It is important that Knol is in this newspaper. Congratulations!

Thank you AA.
The knol covered in the paper is Unusual festivals and events.
Congratulations WJ for weekly page views of 65,000. This is approximately 100 page views for each of  his knols. Your persistence is being recognized by knol readers now. Hope the trend continues.
I am making now some effort to learn Spanish. Learn Spanish – Knol Book
Invite coauthors for all knol books.


I expect that our friend and colleague Moharram Khalifa be well. Our best wishes to him and family in these very difficult days in his country.

yes, 2011 will be a very important year, on the way towards world democracy and world currency

Good on the part of AA to think of MAK and wish all the best Egypt and MAK. News papers report that internet is cutoff.


Knol books project is going on well. Marketing management knol book Marketing Management – Knol Book of Readings has almost 1000 page views in a moth and most others have 100 page views. My idea of having 10,000 page views in a month for 100 knols has fructified. I think following this model the top 4000  knol authors can clock 10,000 page views in a month and that will be very good performance by Knol.
List of 100 knol books.

board 2011


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