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interesting thing .
you can compare it with wuffie and google gold .
money is what we think is money .

Competitors can emerge from tech companies.
Early owners get deflationary benefits.
Daily knols viewed increased to 580. Need to increase the number to 1000 asap.
Great Museums – Videos recent addition to Knol VideoPedia
Industrial Engineering in Different Engineering Disciplines new theme in industrial engineering

either way, we will soon have a world currency.
I just hope, along with a world democracy.



Interesting Knols (Knols with 500 pv or more) in increasing in various topics
Jesus Christ
Travel directories. On France some additional popular knols are written.
Interesting India returned 722 interesting knols.



Two popular knols
Curing eye strain and dry eyes 2903 page views in the last week identified by Top Knols of 2011 – Health, Medicine, Treatment
Self-Introduction is Your Key to Interview Success 1368 pv in the last week identified by Top Knols of 2011 – Self Help, How to, Do it yourself New authors can still make it to the top on Knol. Knol has traction

Thanks WJ. I could set up these search links.
Top Knols of 2008 – All Categories Combined
Top Knols of 2009 – All Categories Combined
Top Knols of 2010 – All Categories Combined
New Knols, Interesting Knols, Featured Knols, Top Viewed Knols – 2011


@ WJ can you modify the search query of top viewed authors so that we know the names of all authors who have more than 1000 page views. That way we can know the profiles of around 10,000 knol authors.
With the understanding that you gave us regarding search query now I prepared Top Knols – 2008 to Current Day – All Categories Combined. It shows that there are around 400,000 English knols. The google search query shows 592,000 total knols and the language breakup is shown in 5.6.2011 – Number of Knols. Can we accept these numbers?


Happy to notice that articles on Industrial engineering are attracting visitors now. Around 2100 page views per month are being registered in Google analytics stats. This will double in the next three months. On Knol, there is comprehensive information on Industrial engineering for free online study. I updated today an IE article,
Industrial Engineering Definitions – 1911 to 2009 to mark the occasion.
Created the top knols search link for Spanish Knols – Top Spanish Knols – 2008 to Current Day – All Categories Combined. Slowly we can understand the complete picture of Knol platform better.

“dollar v. euro conspiracy” .
this would be a very interesting knol .


Yes a “Euro vs. Dollar conspiracy” as you suggest.
It is true that the “currency war” does not use very fair weapons
Seems that there is an attempt to hide the US Dollar abysmal deficiency
by demonizing the Euro under pretence of the Greece issue.
(So, what about the California issue?)
And the Euro is only a proxy, the “conspiracy” seems to be against
any potentially competing currency.and asset.
Btw, the Euro has shown much more resilience than the USD in
the foreign exchange market, whatever the US attacks. Maybe
because China like the idea that the dollar should not be the only
choice offerred to invest reserves.
Some research would also show how gold prices were maintained abusively
low against the dollar before that straightjacket burst a few year ago.
Also let us remember that DSK (strauss Kahn) was against the dollar to
keep the world monetary standard. And see what happened in a NY hotel !
I think all that will inspire novel writers, with more talent than me.
Anyway now nothing can be proved about the underground part of the
war, unless some “deep throat” (*) speaks ūüėČ
Btw, wondering how many secret services are perusing the
Towards a World currency (**) knol to see if some plot is emerging in a
Knol pub backroom;-)

(*) no weird allusion to the case here, just an historical reference
(**) bizarrely if you use that phrase in a Knol search, this knol with now about
2000 pv is not shown in he first pages. Conspiracy, hey ?

he, he,
now look why I prefere whuffies .
no secret service will give whuffie a chance .
they don’t see the coming world democracy .
btw. I don’t see why the chinese people should love the europeans, of which they were colonized in the past.
if china makes common cause with the united states, the euro is doomed.

Well, china’s interest is not to be dependant of the US. That is why it is patiently diversifying its monetary reserves in Euro (already 23 %) and in Japanese Yen and Korean wons. To still have 70% in the form of treasury notes and treasury bonds¬†in USD makes the Bank of China nervous. China even buys Greek assets of course not just because of love, or to comfort the Euro, or for financial diversification,,but also because those assets give them an economic presence in the EU).

well, my question was : what if china uses its dollars to speculate against the euro (in a hidden way) ?
(it cannot speculate against the dollar, because it would be punished then) .


Time to Promote Knol, Your Knols and Valuable and Useful Knols in Your Area
A Goal of Knol initiative

time for knol to become a community . (see also : knol help, whuffie, knol star)

At any time multiple ideas and initiatives are required. That shows the dynamism of any organization. Even now simultaneously Knol platform attracts new authors, they write new knols, they promote and form small if not big communities. Yes, we want more emphasis on one of them or some of them. Let us look forward to response of the Knol authors.

can we recover Randy and Chrissy as co-authors?


Time to Promote Knol, Your Knols and Valuable and Useful Knols in Your Area
A Goal of Knol initiative. The first day’s response is good. The idea got some visitors. On Knol Help main page also, there was a response to it and it was followed by a detailed independent comment on promotion of Knol.
Help on promoting Knol in social media is definitely required and persons providing it or promising to provide are definitely welcome.


the knol-help page becomes more and more the platform of a new community .
together we are stronger.
@ PG
if china buys 10 – 100 billion euros then within a week the shares had risen by 5 cent .
if they sell it, then within a week the price dropped by 5 cents .
so, they can double the sum within 20 weeks .
Well, I don’t see china adding volatility to the forex as its currency reserves are at stake. I think they would prefer to add some stability so as to¬†adjust their¬†currency portfolio¬†(diversifying from the dollar) without making the market too erratic.¬† Btw, buying euros with dollars is like selling dollars¬†to get¬†euros and vice versa, so it could be seen as a speculation against the dollar. The day the chinese yuan gets convertible, they would have to find a strategy to avoid that too much international liquidity (hot money) try to invest in yuan, making¬†the yuan¬†price skyrocket, its interest rates plummet and its own inflation explode. This is the problem with mammoths, they cannot move too rashly¬†within the store¬†because they would¬†break all the …china ;-))

well, I don’t understand 100% but it seems reasonable.
I still see black for the european porcelain .
buying dollars don’t move the dollar, but buying or selling euros move the euro .

Make an effort – bring in large number of authors to Knol Help page and involve them through your new initiative. All the best.

thank you for joining the initiative .
but are humans numbers for you ?
perhaps you hope that numbers give quality .
not autmatically .
btw. the knol help page has 2000 pv per week .

There is enough sarcasm all round. Whenever we want we can turn our community into one that practices it. We did it enough times already. We can do it in the future also. Yes we see some purpose in it. So we continue it. It is good that the project that we are all involved in it is progressing along with it. Community, Numbers, Quality, Humans, World, Emotions, Intelligence, Patriarchy, Matriarchy etc., etc. are all a part of it. This statement is not an aggressive statement. This is a friendly statement. Such things are all part of it. Still we need to wish all the best for all of us. I hope we built a good amount of goodwill in this community building process.

good words.
community, numbers, quality, humans, world, emotions, intelligence, patriarchy, matrichy .
let’s write knols about them ūüôā





Dear All:
Please try this out at your convenience and leave a comment on what you think. Thanks:
My Latest Innovation
I have invented a mixture of coffee and tea and named it cofftea.
The tea market has exploded to such an extent that we now have many varieties of tea cold drinks. And we also have a huge variety of coffees too. But I have yet to come across a single drink that contains a mixture of tea and coffee. I am now announcing a new drink as well as a new dry mixture of coffee and tea. I would like to call it ‘COFFTEA’. I have tried a 50:50 combination of tea and coffee. I have actually created a totally fresh and unusual tasting new beverage.
unusual, indeed .
I just found out that this combination is a popular drink in Hong Kong. So this is not my innovation. But try it anyway. I have deleted the related knol.
if you can delete your own knols, you are +2 ūüôā







@ All
I need your¬†feedback. I have just bought a domain name called, ‘’. I am thinking of fitting a van with¬†computers for¬†instant uploading of messages on¬†YouTube. I want to take the van to all corners of America inviting people to send massages through¬†YouTube¬†to President Obama. The goal will be to wake up the country to what is going wrong with America and how it can be fixed. The theme of the message to Mr. Obama will be, “You talk the right talk, it is now time to walk your talk.’ What do you think?

I think, if we can solve our problems on knol, we can solve our problems in america and all around the world (or, as Jesus said :¬†“and why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?”)
if you become the president of our financial board, we (the knol community) can soon have enough money to buy knol from google .
I would bet that Obama will then listen to us.
and if not, it would no longer matter.

The knol content already belongs to us knollers we do not need to buy knol from google. We will still need the google ‘plumbing’ of the cloud to keep it in the cloud. So it is a mutually beneficial arrangement. We get to write and own our knols and google becomes not just the cloud enabler it becomes a company with content as well.

if google will listen to your words or to our speaker, this may be .
if not, we must buy knol ūüôā



Hello SK
¬ŅTo send massages through YouTube to President Obama?
I think it would not be possible…

There is a very popular van fitted with computers that is putting videos on YouTube from anyone and everyone. The van goes around NYC and is parked at different locations each day. It is called It is becoming popular by the day. It has even good press coverage. I thought what if I take a similar van around the country asking people to define what is going wrong with our America and I provide my solutions. By addressing the messages to Preident Obama we may get more attention?


Telugu content is under development now. Presently 37 knols are there. Will increase now.
Telugu Knols by Narayana Rao

KS @ team & team work
google gold is under development .
you can buy it now .





from next month I will keep only my own archive .
if anyone is interested, I’ll make’em a separate archive (5w/month) .
perhaps, from time to time one of us (WJ?) can make a copy from this board (there is a button for it)
and put it into the archive collection .


Hide and seek
I am convinced about the crucial role of innovation as an economic capital
We are in a “society of knowledge” as everybody rightly says
But¬†“delearning” is also vital, as true innovation changes knowledge
A Schumpeterian society, in which clinging to the status quo can bring decline.
So I wrote a knol about that.
But, don’t repeat it,¬†it is hidden¬†in
Embedded knols are a way to nurture future new knols.
I have several “mother knols” with such pregnancy ūüėČ
Sneaky / stealthy innovation ūüėČ

Appreciate for the innovation topic.
On Knol also, authors have to take initiatives and make innovations. Straight forward as well as Sneaky/Stealthy innovations are required to increase the performance of their knols and Knol platform. First of all the activity has to be visible so that many others get motivated to act. Some will succeed big and that will strengthen the platform and will give more time for the rest to succeed.


I request you to make your comments on knol help in the form of a knol discussion page .
together we are stronger .

We can say whether our topic is a discussion topic or Knol Help topic. Your initiative of clarifying to knol authors and visitors that now Knol Help page is the page for both discussions and Help requests is timely. Unfortunate that knol authors did not respond in large numbers for discussion.

yes, it’s temporary . all the better .
and yes, we need more authors . one alone can not convince anyone . two have not been refuted .
and if we are three,  the others will do too .
so .. .

< board-2011



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