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Knol requires content, content, content
We have some active authors whose main goal is to reduce whatever content available. They do not want scarce resources to be spent on increasing content. They want the resource to go to reduce content. Have a look at search engine indexed pages of some article platforms.
Indexed Pages and Links of Various Article Platforms
The performance and number of indexed articles have a good relation first. Then comes number of inlinks to the site.


Thanks to PG for motivation. More knols on entertainment. Knol book on IPL 4 – 20-over cricket league of India.
Indian Premier League – IPL 4 – 2011 – Knol Book
Osama Bin Laden is Dead – Announcement by US President

#1 is dead .
Gaddafi is #2 .



Indian Premier League – IPL 4 – 2011 – Knol Book  project attracted the attention of viewers.
Happy to inform you that today, my knols registered monthly viewership of 50,000 visitors. I made a note on it in Knol Help also. The continuous increase in visitors number shows that Knol platform has traction. Knol authors who increase content and promote using simple means also will have good visitors and page view numbers.
Knol Page Views and Visitors – Historical Record – K.V.S.S. Narayana Rao
The compilation Weekly Page Views of TOP Knol Authors shows that many knol authors are now having increased page views. Many of them added good amount of content on Knol and are further adding.

Best wishes to all knol authors for their continued activity and success.



Employee Engagement – Concept . It is an interesting concept. There is a social environment variable in it. Is there good social environment on Knol? Are we providing a happy environment to our coauthors and potential new authors? Knol author associations have to take up the task as now there is no personal level intervention from Google. On Blogger also same situation. There is no personal level intervention from Google at average author level. But there are some blogger meets. May be after some time, there will be knol author meets also. But that may not happen in the near future.



on 2011-02-24 you wrote on knol help
“I am willing not to post anything for next three months”
please still hold on for two weeks.
or do you want that they say: “he is an old man who may not hold the water?” 😉
as I have followed you in this, my disappointment is all the greater because my reputation is also at stake .
btw. you deleted me on kaf-author-writing-contest because I have given my voting allegedly a day early,
do you remember ? 😦




let us show wisdom .
when the three months are over, we can make a joined action .
we can join the 2011-05-10 comment of Gust MEES and make a maximum of comments to “wake up, google knol” .
I hope we all can do this .
GM wants the right thing and it would also be good for his EGO ; – )

We will do it.



I see persistent complaints by some on Knol Help page on problems in posting knols. But I do not have any problems in posting new knols, editing old knols or accessing knols. Things are pretty fine. If counters do not work, how does it matter to make it a big issue? Any way those numbers are not similar to Google analytics numbers and all authors can know their numbers every day through analytics.
Milling – Operations and Machines – Videos is a useful collection of videos to support education of engineers. Combining videos with text will be fruitful content. Combining them into knol books would be still more fruitful. I have a very successful online chemistry notes. Now I have a good reason and scope to bring it on Knol in a format that is different from Blog.
Blogs Knol  – Personal media revolution – Liked the idea personal media. Interesting Posts from Blogger Buzz. This year let me see if I can organize a knol author meet at Mumbai. Sometime after July.


PR attacks on Google. Knol authors need to keep it in mind.
We know Knol is at the receiving end so far in media. But many knol authors are happy. This point was not reported by media so far.
Tomorrow 15th May is Paul Samuelson’s Birthday. Organizing 2011 – Knol Day of Economics – 15th May – Birthday of Paul Samuelson. Add your comments, messages and knols to it. It is an open collaboration knol for a week.


Informing my industrial engineering students about 2011 – Knol Day of Economics – 15th May – Birthday of Paul Samuelson.
IEs use economics specially.
Industrial engineering directs the efficient conduct of manufacturing, construction, transportation, or even commercial enterprises of any undertaking, indeed in which human labor is directed to accomplishing any kind of work . Industrial engineering has drawn upon mechanical engineering, upon economics, sociology, psychology, philosophy, accountancy, to fuse from these older sciences a distinct body of science of its own . It is the inclusion of the economic and the human elements especially that differentiates industrial engineering from the older established branches of the profession (Going, 1911)
Updating English Knol Author Directory  pages. We need to have 1000 active knols authors with good weekly page view performance.



KVSS Updating various subdirectories of Knol Directory of Interesting Knols. The directory is a popular with good weekly page views. But categories were not specified for subdirectories. I am doing it now. Also adding search links for each topic. You can find from the search links that there is good amount of popular content on Knol now. I think around 100,000 knols will be knols with good content. There has to be an initivative to highlight those knols and get around 5 page views per day for them. It has to be done by author groups only. It is time subject wise author groups emerge on Knol. May be we have to form subject wise groups in KAF now. We formed language groups earlier.

yes, we should start with a financial group (financial board) . we can give whuffies for good knols .





KS yes, we camp
viva españa.
estas son nuestras armas: la democracia mundial, moneda mundial, el idioma del mundo .



Launched Knol VideoPedia today with good number of video knols, video knol collections and video knol books.


KS made a “google knol, please wake up” comment on knol help .
there were already two comments (MAK, RK) .
proud, that all three comments are from KAF members .
@ PG : do you really think elephants can paint pictures?

yes, they do.
Concentrating on increasing knols that are seen daily. The number is now more than 500 each day. Every month I want to concentrate on 100 knols.

I am so glad that KAF members are always active, yes I am proud of that

yes, and KVSS has promised to follow us immediately ?


If Salman Khan got funding for his video production why not Sajid Khan? I think Sajid will also get support for his EI promotion idea. You need to refine and refine your idea as accumulate more evidence of its benefit to specific persons, groups of people and society. Video Knols – Big Scope
There is an announcement of scheduled maintenance for the last two days. Was anything done?


Happy to inform that 750 knols in my portfolio have now 800 page views. Want to follow PG’s advice. Brush teeth of your knols. Revise around 100 knols a month. Want to have 800 knols with 1000 page views by July 2011.
What is the point of posting knols if you are not prepared to sell them in the internet streets?

Detected some -mostly old – knols referring to Strauss Kahn, but still nothing about the Dollar v. Euro conspiracy, I will have to write it ;-))
Joke (?) apart, DSK was for deep changes in the world monetary system, that are consistent with the knol I launched several months ago Towards a world currency


Happy about two things on Knol. 1. New Active top authors. 2. More popular content
Top viewed authors from Weekly Page Views of TOP Knol Authors
Narayana Rao K.V.S.S., Will Johnson, muhannad alsheikhly, mark richard, György Tausz
Popular content on Knol from Knol Directory of Interesting Knols
Many topics now have 100 and more interesting knols.
For instance see Gardening (15). It has 225 interesting or popular knols. If all the topics have 200 interesting knols, the directory will show 50,000 popular knols in English. Waiting for the day, when we can there are 100,000 popular knols.
Authors have to enter their knols having 500 pv or more in the sub-directories so that more visitors can see the popular content on Knol quickly and easily.

@ PG
wuffies don’t refer to the us dollar, they refer to the google gold standard :
1G = 5w (where 1G = 1/64 A(world currency)) .
if you think 1/64 of the world currency is more than 5w you can buy it for 5w, split it to 2H and sell 1H for 5w (next auction) .
why should you do that ?
well, there is a market for it !
the financial board will guarantee the price of 5w for 1H . it will buy whuffies to do that .
I myself will buy up to 1000w (1w = (1dollar + 1 euro) / 2) .


Opened an old knol – Engineering Management: Management of Engineering and Technology Departments, Functions and Organizations  Updated the knol with some additional links. Hope some knol authors write articles appropriate to this topic. I am trying to do develop this topic like Industrial Engineering.

May be in the first year of Knol, I made a list of subjects in which knols can be written by authors. Now I am using those lists to point out sub-directories, knol collections and knol books and knol lists to Knol readers.
Branches of Knowledge and Knol Books – (E to H) [Ecology to Hydraulic Machinery] . Thus there is further utilization of earlier work and we are able to leverage it. I invite knol authors to create collections on various branches of knowedge and inform through comments on these knols. Or they can be inserted directly on the knol through edits. All these knols are there for highlighting the content on Knol.




board 2011


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