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please write below this line .
KS (no)


The last few months have been very exciting for me. Apart from a prolonged spiritual experience I have met some very exciting people. One of them is Steve Creamer the power generator tycoon. He has promised to have a lunch meeting when he is back in New York next month to explore my invention of vacuum power generators and our common goals of spreading wisdom. Then I met an international designer who took my book and said he will read it over the weekend and then pass it on to a major radio show producer, he also is friends with the biggest baker in the world and he is going to introduce me to him for my fast cooking flours patent. He has also agreed to become co-founder of Wisdom Day! Then I met this beautiful and dynamic Chinese business executive who is buying 100 of my books to promote them in LA. She is also going to translate it into Chinese and have it published there.  She has also agreed to become a knoller!  I have translated my book in Hindi and Urdu and it will soon be published in all three languages in India. Then I met a popular TV show producer who liked my ideas. He said that I should have my own show. It is possible for free! He said to Google MNN.org, and it is located just a few blocks from my showroom. I am sure there are similar programs in the rest of the US. I am also happy that some of my knols are coming up above Wikipedia on the main web! I have now realized that just writing knols will not cut it; I have to go all out to promote them through all means possible!

Then I have Morgan James Publishing who wanted to publish ‘How to become wise’. I said this one is already published by my friends mom-in-law so I do not want to take it from her. So I have offered them my second book, ‘You’. This second one is under review by them.

All those having original ideas should check out this website.

Latest News | Manhattan Neighborhood Network 

Organization responsible for administering the Public Access cable television services to ensure the ability of residents to exercise their First Amendment

www.mnn.org/ – Cached – Similar

I going tomorrow to their open house.!

Diana Quinones Rivera

show details 9:41 AM (0 minutes ago)

This is a reminder of the Open House tomorrow Thursday, July 15th from 1-3pm at MNN’s Open Studio.  See you then!..

Create  a Knol Day of Wisdom page. This page will take care of online activities of Wisdom day while the physical form of Wisdom day will be organized by you in a grand fashion. You encouraged me to write on ehow. But xomba seems to be better suited to integrate knols and writings on another platform. I encourage you also to come there.
It is exciting information. Congratulations. I am going to make a presentation on knol marketing at 10.30 am.

KS @ SK : you surely will soon become a millionaire .

This free TV show does not make you any money. Unless your program becomes very popular and you are picked up by a major channel. But it does bring you a big audience because your show airs on the same big channels. It is by law that these big channels have to provide free time. This is a chance for you to make your own program and I can air it here.

Of course if I can get my inventions into the market in my own name for a couple of my inventions are in the market and I lost them. Now with Steve Creamer and Kennith the international designer may be I can hit it big. But all the money I make from my inventions will go for charity as these have come to me in a trance. I am just a medium.



Meanwhile I attended the MNN’s open house. I was amazed by the quality of humanness of the staff and the attendees. I made many friends. I have decided to do a one hour program first. I was told that I have to have a proof of residence for New York to get my show. Over there I learnt that New York City residents will be given preference but anyone from the US can have their own show. I do have my foundation based in New York City. I am going to ask them that they should consider programs from all over the world. The best part is that they even train you for production etc. I have signed up for it. If anyone of our knollers from any part of the world want to air a program I can do it here as a co-producer! You will have to send me the tape.I have decided that we will have to take full advantage of this free TV programing and even free radio programing to promote our ideas. I think with our own TV show and radio show we can really speed up waking up the world to our ideas.

@ KVSS and Team
I need all the contact information for Knollers who live in the tri-state area. We have all got to get together and pool our talents to produce our show. I am going to call it, The Wisdom Express Show. Or should we call it ‘The Knol Show’.

I just posted this knol:

TV and radio show can be yours for free! It is the US law!

There is a US government law that anyone can have their own TV and radio show for free and all production needs are provided free; including the studio and cameras etc. All new to production are even given free training! All those having original ideas should check out this website: MNN.org and all those who want to advance the knol platform should consider using this free opportunity to change the world. I am looking for co-producers who can come to Manhattan easily so that we can together have our own ‘Knol TV Show’. We will also have our own radio show.

Please check out this site knollers, especially those from the tristate area and also those from around the world; and decide if you want to be part of this show.

Latest News | Manhattan Neighborhood Network 

gosh !
can you see how you are crying ?


This is not crying this is excitement! At least even if all my efforts amount to nothing surely there are others who will now take up this opportunity!!!SK @ KS
I think when I post statements like, “I am also happy that some of my knols are coming up above Wikipedia on the main web!” It is pure joy; can you please explain how it is crying? Can you believe that the subject oftime is the most complex and yet my knol on eternal time is coming up #1. Do I deserve to feel happy or not?
About 38,400,000 results (0.29 seconds)


Search Results

  1. What is eternal time? – a knol by Sajid Khan 

  2. Is Time Eternal – of Time and Eternity 

  3. Is time eternal? – Yahoo! Answers 



@ KS
You mean by no, you will not tell anybody about it.
then I would have written it below the corresponding text and not below another text .

@ SK
Yes, it is a matter of happiness if your article comes in the top 10 google search results. More so if it appears at the top itself. But, we need to keep improving the article especially when it is coming in top 10. Otherwise it can go down quickly also.

I mean by “no” I will not write below the line .
no one of the team said “yes” . so it’s “no” .
btw. I think SK is a trophy dreamer . surely a “SELFLESS” one .
but what does he mean by wikipedia ? as far as I know wikipedia is not author oriented .
so, how his knols can come up above wikipedia ?
oh, and look what he is doing with our board . look at the contents table . this is crazy !

Discussion solves many problems if not all.
Trophy dreamer. Interesting term. Selfless trophy dreamer. Still more interesting.
Today there is an article in our newspaper. When your child wants something you also want, you are very happy to give it to your child. You will feel very happy doing it. You do not feel your are losing it. So if the society wants what you want, if you can give it to the society and still feel very happy about it you reach into that description of selfless. Self and society. Can society command equal or more importance compared to self? Socialism will automatically come if everybody can put society equal to or above him.

Wikipedia is certainly person oriented if not author oriented. I feel. Of course I do not know much about it really. But some body wrote internet is the outlet of stifled energy. Wikipedia stifled the thoughts of many. Knol sensed and opened an avenue. But still they have not done a proper job. We are struggling because of that. Xomba has 3.2 million visitors per month. Knol has only 250,000. Why? We need to think about it. The success of knol is our responsibility. Authors’ responsibility. I see page views for new knols every day. Out of 750 knols, only 50 knols have more than 10 page views on first day. We have to convince every knol author that after a knol is posted, he has to make at least one message through email, or social media. People can come to this bulletin board and say I posted a new knol. They can go Knol Promotion board and say I posted a new knol. There are separately knols with the title New Knols. There are subject wise bulletin boards There is a knol help discussion board. How do we communicate them to make at least one extra message somewhere after posting a knol. That one step could bring substantial improvement in page views to knol.


From the web:
‘Traffic for Knol has certainly posed no danger to Wikipedia’s position atop most Google search results, as some feared when Knol was first deployed. Indeed, …(Wikipedia’s entry is number two on the list;
Ars has a piece at number nine, but Knol is MIA.)’ On the internet there is much talk of Wikipedia coming up ahead of knol. So shouldn’t I point out that many of my knols are coming up ahead of Wikipedia?
  1. Wisdom is a tree. – a knol by Sajid Khan

    Jun 1, 2010 Wisdom is a tree. The attributes of wisdom are its fruit. As man knows the attributes of wisdom man tries to teach these…
  2. Wisdom Tree – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Wisdom Tree is an American manufacturer and distributor of unlicensed Christian Video Games for the Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Nintendo

Yes I am a dreamer, even the founders of Google started out as dreamers as everyone does. The knol platform itself is till today a dream that is being pushed along by knollers like us. It has not succeeded yet because of people like you who are pushing half baked ideas. You still have not been able to make clear what is Wuffy and on top of that you have driven many people away from our group. Randy is the last one who has lost interest.

You say, ‘as far as I know wikipedia is not author oriented ‘. Without authors Wikipedia is nothing. It is just a joint faceless venture posted by several authors!

You say you will not write below the line but what you are doing is removing my post from the top. This action has nothing to do with your writing or not.
You keep pushing my post away from the top; why?

I have some clues as to why the Google management has given up on knol. They wanted the knol platform to be original, creative and “SELFLESS” but we have turned it into another commercial and bickering platform with many half baked and below par knols.

I don’t think among us members of the Knol Author Foundation or members writing on the bulletin board, there are significant fights and arguments. Some argument and difference of opinion is normal. The fights which are causing disturbance are external to the KAF and due to the impact of those disturbances we could not focus on appropriate issues.

But we have to appreciate that each of our active members is doing a very good job even today. Randy is promoting KAF even today much more actively. KS is to be credited for the growth of this knol bulletin board. SK even today thinks of grand events and promotion for Knol. Probably he does not have others who take it from him and take it forward. I do not think of plans which require money at the moment. But may be we will in the future. Definitely SK will chip in at that moment with his fund raising interest and ability.

I always appreciate Behavioral Finance Website of PG. He is building a comparable knol portfolio. MAK is very active and enthusiastic and he is acting as the bridge between the productive Arabic author community and others. Alberto Aune gives very powerful ideas. I am implementing his suggestion only as India Knol Day and India Knol Month.

No doubt some persons left us but I think they should have stayed back and allowed things to settle down. We are not into any destructive activity. Some persons may not like my idea. No body may like my idea. It might have serious flaws in it. It is ok. Let me start giving my ideas with the thought that there may be flaws in it. If nobody accepts it, there is some flaw. I keep looking for the flaw. I try to improve my idea. Everybody has to be patient. May be a new avenue comes up and provide the way for the stifled idea.

I appeal to all. After every group discussion, there has to be group appreciation. We have to become friends once again. The discussion on ideas is over and action program is decided and will be implement. But our group feeling has to come back and personal affection and regard have to be reestablished.

We all know each of us is very mature person. Many of us are past 50 with some significant success in life. But still in discussing an issue, somebody says you are immature. That is only momentary and specific to an issue. But genuinely we know all of us are very mature people. In writing on knol, we are looking for some self satisfaction and selfless social wealth building. A knowledge base is wealth of the society. We are buidling it.


above wikipedia
I simply didn’t read the word “above” in the right way . now I got it .
You keep pushing my post away from the top; why ?
you didn’t ask the team if that is a top theme . I think it is not .

It has not succeeded yet because of people like you who are pushing half baked ideas. You still have not been able to make clear what is Wuffy
does that mean, there is any simple and understandable question ? I don’t see one .
you have driven many people away from our group. Randy is the last one who has lost interest.

@ KVSS : I agree .



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