KS (9/20)
there are many names all meaning the same thing .
materialism, property or possession, trophy self image .
this was born more than 6000 years ago, when Adam was said to be the producer of Eve.
that was the stupidest and boldest lie of world history, the fall of mankind and the beginning of male domination .
(the bible is the tree of knowledge, even with the snake in it 😉
did you ever notice that SK only describes the men psyche ?
this is exactly our problem and here we have to start .
we cannot understand mankind by macho psyche .
we have to come down from our throne (in the bath room) and have to recognize that every woman has more emotional intelligence than the wisest man .

SK (9/20)

“did you ever notice that SK only describes the men psyche ?”
When I use the word man or mankind I mean all human kind.
And why are you so obsessed of one section being superior to the other. Both are equally good and/or equally/partly bad.KS (9/21)
are you blind ? look at your vocabulary . look how you need (hammer out) the word wisdom .SK (9/21)
Please lets not even go there.

KS (9/23)
instead of trying to make women wise we should try to make them happy .
there are tons of practical applications stemming directly from this because we then have happy mothers, and if we have happy mothers, we have happy children.

SK (9/24)
Happiness is essential but not enough. Happiness is a branch of the wisdom tree. Plant the wisdom tree and all the attributes of wisdom; including pure happiness will sprout effortlessly. Wisdom comes with all its attributes as one single innate quality. This is why pure happiness eludes most of us because we try to cultivate it without realizing that it is part and parcel of the wisdom tree. Can you create a branch without the tree?

KS (9/25)
“can you create a branch without the tree?”
can you create a tree without a branch ?

SK (9/25)
‘can you create a tree without a branch ?’
The whole package comes together as one unit, this is what I am trying to wake up the world to. Wisdom contains all its attributes just as ignorance does. Yes you can have a tree with missing branches but what I am pointing to is, we have branches that are stunted and deformed; because the tree roots are deformed. You cannot have branches without the tree but you can have a tree without branches but the common factor is that we have defective trees, trees that are -2, -1, and +1; where they should all be +2!

KS (9/25)
a fruit is for a tree what an embryo is for a human .
you can’t have a tree without a fruit .
and you can’t have a fruit without a branch .
perhaps we can say : you cannot create a tree without a tree .
so where should we start ?
you have built your hypothesis on the happy experiences that the fetus has .
you can also built your hypothesis on the happy experiences that the womb has (the mother has, the child has)
so indeed withdom comes from happiness and happiness comes from withdom .
it’s not the same, it’s a circle .
we have to start here and now . we, as men, as fathers, as leaders have made menkind unhappy .
this is shown by history . can you not see it ? sure you can’t . you are educated as a man .
therefore I said you are blind . you need a jesus who makes you sighted .

SK (9/25)
It is well known the question of what came first the chicken or the egg. But now it is believed that the egg came first because in nature the simple comes first before the complex. But we should forget what came first, we should first straighten out our priorities. Start wisdom education from the fetus stage! It is already happening! Yes my hypothesis is already built on happy experiences in the womb!
1 As I said this concept of womb-conditioning is as old as the Mahabharata, the Indian Epic. There is wisdom knowledge out there since the Egyptian book of the dead, the code of Hunambari, the sayings of Zarathustra, the Torah, the Bible, the sayings of the Buddha, even Rumi and Kabir etc.. When the Greeks at Delphi asked their goddess what should mankind do, they were told, ‘Know Thyself!’. What mortals like us are doing is just connecting the dots and decoding the wisdom of these sages. In my own case I have said it often; I was inspired by Durga Mata and I consider myself just a medium, I am nothing.

KS (9/26)
your religion is welcome on knol .
but if your gods only want tell us what we have to do, nobody will listen to them .
they first should learn what democracy means 😉 .

KS (9/26)
if you look botom up then first you get the parts of a car and then the car .
if you look top down then first you get the car and then it’s parts .
science looks bottom up and religion looks top down .
but both only look from one side .
you look on my post . but you only look from your side .
I look on your post . but I only look from my side .
if others look on our posts maybe we can overcome this .

I know you will tell me you are able to look from my side because you are +2 .
you didn’t ask me if that is true 😉SK(9/26)

This is your old tactic/problem; instead of answering specifics you shift to generalities.
but if your gods only want tell us what we have to do,
If you look throughout the history of religion and philosophy all the gods (Eastern and Western) and all the philosophers are saying the same; again and again and again: Acquire Wisdom!
Just look at what this ignorance and fuzziness of the mind/self/consciousness/emotional intelligence is costing us in terms of health, happiness, comfort, wealth… life. Until we have a better option of how to define, know, understand and teach wisdom lets consider my proposal to cultivate wisdom through selflessness. This not my original idea, it has been said by many sages. From the Buddha, who said one must become zero to Jesus who said to be humble. I am just making the path to wisdom more clear. I am just decoding their messages.
“do not tell us what we have to do,”
This is the big problem for less than +2 minds/brains; we do not want to labor. It is like don’t tell us to make efforts and to sweat just spoon feed us! Well dear KS we have to understand and do what we are being told to do. But of course not just from my goddess, Durga Mata, also from Jesus and all the other prophets and sages. It is amazing that they are all on the same page and they all have the same mantra: Become Wise! Wisdom education is not just a religion, it also philosophy and science and tradition and common sense!
My gods are all the prophets and all the philosophers and all the sages of history.
KS (9/27)
until we have a better option of how to define, know, understand and teach wisdom ..
we have . stop preaching(+1). learn discussion(+2) and democracy(+2) . your gods are all together another name for “the fall of mankind” . they are not older than 6000 years . humanity is older than 1,000,000 years . wisdom is older . it tells us that the time before religion was the paradise . there was no father, no king, no god . there was heaven and earth . and in the middle there was humanity, born from earth, conceived by heaven .
like a tree or like a mountain (therefore there are holy trees and holy mountains) .

(chinese also knew that the moon is a child of earth and sky.)
can you make a knol of your posting ? or shall I put it on personal thoughts ?

SK (9/27)
You can make a knol of our conversation if you want.



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