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KVSS at 10.40 pm

Going to sleep after hectic day of greeting friends on knol and emails. Leave the effort for other knol authors to continue bonding activity.

Today is friendship day. Friendship Day Greetings to all of you.

Three friendship day terms are trending on twitter
Three friendship day terms trending.
HFD Great

On Knol also friendship day is trending



Why do you continue to make such crazy statements?

why do you continue crying ?
‘micro payment . I think good old whuffy is a better system’
“every person in the world can create till W300, so every person is a mini-bank .
so we don’t need a private bank for making money and the evil is out of the world”.

Micro credit is a well proven winner. It has won my friend Yunus the Noble prize. It has lifted millions of people out of poverty.

I am sorry but you keep giving fuzzy answers.
I am simply making a statement about your ill baked concept of Whuffy. You keep saying,’why do you continue crying ?.’ Why do you get so personally offended?

you are an old man, so I’m glad to hear you crying . it’s without contents, as usual , but it shows me that you are not gone yet .
and it’s good against your depressions .
btw. I wish you a nobel prize for your perpetuum mobile .

we need your dreaming .

Just answer one question: ‘What is Whuffy?’

you didn’t read whuffie (and the given links) didn’t you ?
but first of all . how can you make a statement about the ill baked concept of whuffy and then asking : what is whuffy ? it’s always the same with you . you are totally ill logical .


Meter Jam – Mumbaikars’ Protest Against Autos and Taxis
A protest against Taxi problems in India

Knol is able to contribute to this social cause. Invite all knol authors and visitors to express their support to this social cause movement by writing comments on the knol. I shall let the organizers know about knol support to them through twitter messages. Let us support one cause now. Tomorrow another cause. Knol for improvement of society through contribution to solving problems. We know there are many knols on environment highlighting the problem of environment.


SK @ Team:
This bulletin board should be only for policy differences, we should open another knol for all personal tiffs. This new knol should be for members only. Airing our differences here makes us look like a bunch of puffed up self images.  As a team we are still strong. Muharram joined us recently and most of our original team is still with us. Lets move on.

Depending on how much prize money we need I can sell one of the thrift store items at a reduced price. Just give me a weeks time to come up with the prize money. But please decide how much we need.

I had hoped the thrift store would be patronized by some of the google employees; it did not happen but at least it will give us enough money to do some contests etc.

My job is to look after the legal aspects of the KAF. Also it is my responsibility to find the funds that we may need. I am not good at anything else like the technical aspects and policy decisions.

Also the way knol is going right now it is no longer my priority as I do not think I can achieve my goals through knol writing alone. I am now working on a different avenue to push forward my goals.  But I will always be there for our team on a personal and professional level, including my friends in the KPG team, like Krishan Maggnon, SKS and MAK.

Whether it is KPG or KAF I want them both to succeed because our goals are the same. I wish we could resolve our differences and come together as one team.


instead of giving an answer to my question you continue to make crazy statements .
there is already a page for this .
please answer here .


The main idea behind our KAF is to pool our resources of knowledge and experience to push the knol platform forward. To recruit more and more knollers and to increase the readership of knol. With our efforts, including your own, we have managed to bring together fellow knollers from arround the world. Apart from trying to share our own unique experiences and knowledge through writing knols we have choosen also to be salesmen for the knol agenda. How do you think your personal negative comments against fellow KAF founders look? You have driven away many gaint knollers who were big assets to us. Now I am seriously thinking of quiting too.
Take my own case. For the last 40+ years I have been researching the human brain, mind, human nature etc to uncloak the mystrey of man and life. Today even my worst critics agree that I have some original ideas that need further research. I have had some clashes with main stream experts and I have been proven right on atleast two major science changing topics. My problem is that I am telling the world that we ourselves are bringing up our children up on half baked knowledge. That our brains have small problems. Imagine saying to someone that his brain needs tuning. It is such a sensitive issue. Yet I am gradually succeeding. I need all the help I can get. And here you are draging me down with your negative comments. I love criticism and I am prepared to discus with you on my topics but when you pass statements like, ‘may be it’s just the garbage SK wants us to get rid from’ then you should justify your views.
You say that I am a dreamer. All great steps for progress start with a dream. Yes I am a dreamer but now I am on the second stage beyond dreaming. I have people from  President Obama to President Clinton and many powerful world leaders liking my concepts. You can say that these are politicians looking for my support and donations. But many world renowned profesors also like my work and are even helping me in some ways, like Naom Chomsky. Now my dream of becoming an author is coming close to realization; here is a letter from a very big publisher:
Dear Sajid Ali Khan,
Congratulations! Your manuscript proposal, How to Become Wise has been accepted under the imprint of xxx.
Welcome to our family! We are proud to welcome you as one of our authors and we appreciate you and your affiliation with us.
More information and instructions are attached, but, thank you again for choosing us and we look forward to a mutually beneficial, life long relationship.
Sincerely yours,
Director of Administration
Their top executive was amazed that on many diverse topics I am comming up number 1 on the web. It is very simple; it is because emotional intelligence is part of all human action from war to peace, from governing and foreign policy to living ones life. From relationships to how to become happy. So I am an expert in all of life’s fields.
I would like to make you a challenge: Prove me wrong when I say that I have removed fuzzyness from the concept of wisdom!!!
So you see you are wrong about me being just a dreamer!!!
On the other hand if you do not have any original and concrete idea to offer then atleast you have the chance to jump on my bandwagon. You could have been my right hand man but you choose to become a drag and a nusiance.
We can still work togther but this cannot go on much longer.
PS: You are shifting my focus from writing knols to this, please wake up.

I am sorry but you keep giving fuzzy answers.
why do you get so personally offended?

You create trouble and then behave as if nothing happened. At least please do not do this in the future. Please stay away from personal criticism and if you do not agree with any idea you should explain your misgivings.

dear sajidi, shut up please .


I really feel very happy about the excellent content that is being made available on knol by various authors. Some knol authors spread a strong negative feeling about knols and knol authors very early in the initial days and we are all immersed in it. We need to come out of it and appreciate various contributions of number of authors. Ignore spam knols, knol platform management will take care of them at appropriate time. We need to focus on knols that impress us. We need to focus on knols that inform us. We need to focus on knols that help us. There are many that are of help to me. My own students are creating many that are of help to me in addressing international conferences. Give people time to develop content.
Our suggestion to knol help is to organize 50 competitions. KAF already did one. Result evaluation is in progress. Second one I already announced. Along with it I am announcing two more will be organized. So we are accounting for four in this year. The complete or partial success of these competitions will definitely motivate some more KAF members to take up some more competitions either internationally or in their own country or language. KAF is totally passionate about success of Knol Platform. We keep coming up with ideas and actions that facilitate success of knol. There are many knol authors who appreciated KAF and are appreciating KAF. Those positive comments are sufficient fuel for us to go forward and do a job that we chose voluntarily to do. Write good online articles and communicate our knowledge using the platform provided by Google. The very good page view records of all KAF founder members is the proof of our mission. Errors, omissions and commissions are possible in every endeavor and what is important is the commitment to the mission. What we wanted to give to our readers? Are we doing it? Yes, we are doing it. We keep doing it.


My twitter messages defending Knol today.
I ended the session with message on what I am doing at the moment
Then I found something very interesting. So I thanked eirikso
@eirikso Thank you. You pointed out something exciting for knol authors. Why compare with wikipedia? We know where we are succeeding. ThnQ
My reply
@ eirikso Thanks for the reply. But give your data. We give our data. committed knol authors
got a reply to my twitter messages.
wilreynolds @knoltweet I know it is. Its just not the game changer people made it out to be.
So if we communicate positive news about knol, some people will respond positively. KAF members and Bulletin board members have to move into social media and spread the positive things on knol.
One more knol I created today based on an interesting blog post in Pushing Social.Com
Half-Truths Crippling Knol Authors and Knol
I got a reply to my twitter messages.
wilreynolds> @ knoltweet I know it is. Its just not the game changer people made it out to be.
I got one more reply     @knoltweet interesting. Thx for highlighting. Digging in to knol now to learn a bit more.
So if we communicate positive news about knol, some people will respond positively. KAF members and Bulletin board members have to move into social media and spread the positive things on knol.
One more knol I created today based on an interesting blog post in Pushing Social.Com
Half-Truths Crippling Knol Authors and Knol


My page views are stuck at 8941 pageviews 
478303 pageviews for the last 8+ weeks.

Have you installed Google Analytics? Install and you will get many details about your page views. Twitter messages are very useful to get early page views. For each of your knols please give twitter messages. Also make one feature knol selection of yours. It is like our Hall of Fame. But featured knol selection is good.You can change frequently and give your good knols as well as others’ knols.


Look I am busy. Whether wisdom is older or newer we do not know and it does not matter. What matters is how to implement the advice of your gods and my gods: Acquire Wisdom!
By the way my gods may not be your gods but your gods are my gods too and trust me they all speak the same language of the soul!


With your blowing hot and cold you have effectively made RK leave. He is the one who did the most hard work for our foundation. And now I see that my branch from the Knol Tree is missing.


The root cause of our current economic mess is our lack of emotional intelligence stability. I have recently decoded the most profound lesson from the Bible, “Flesh gives birth to flesh, but the Spirit[b] gives birth to spirit.” Even Jesus is saying that our main problem is that we know our self from flesh/brain instead of through our spirit/mind. Even the White House does not know and has little clue how to get out of the current economic mess, What Are These Guys in the White House Smoking?
We Need The Mother Of All Wars To Lift America To New Dizzying Heights Of Prosperity.
If the world does not wake up to my wizard ways I am going to switch to becoming a warlock. Right now I have access to a huge store house of forbidden knowledge. And I am learning the ways of the dark side. I have to bring the world onto recovery again, one way or the other. The most interesting thing I discovered was the difference in experiencing power. The power that comes from Jesus and the power that comes from the devil! Both are so different in taste! One day I might write a book on black magic!
I am disappointed with Obama and if we doesn’t listen to me, then I will have to wake him up, and this time it will not be with a 2.5 ounce book.
The Clue to President Obama’s flip flopping; It Is the Slight difference Between His Brain and Mind. 

After I wrote a couple of knols criticizing his policies I have stopped getting his emails and invitations.



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