discussion solves everything (1)


dear MAK
if you write in arabic, you use your arabic name .
if you write in english, you use your english name .
if you write in english under your arabic name, it’s nonsense .
these guys are control freaks . http://knol.google.com/k/why-abusers-abuse#
they don’t respect our self-chosen names, they dont respect our identity .
they don’t understand that on internet you are free and cannot be controlled by oppression .
you can join a group, then you are controlled by the rules of the group (that means your own rules (otherwise you can leave the group))
but no group can suppress another group .
look declaration 2.2 Fairness and independence
“No author and no inside or outside group shall claim or give itself rights, privileges and powers over other authors.”
if your friends agree, we can discuss that on KBB as one of our next top themes

@ Людмил Антонов (Ludmil Antonov)
you are dead right . these guys like to control our real life .
they don’t respect our self-chosen names, they dont respect our identity .
they are control freaks .


GM is invited to write on this board with his own blood .
we surely will honor this .


“With his own blood.” I have flagged this comment and asked for this person’s removal from knol. Debate and strident criticism is one thing. This is something else. Totally unacceptable. And this bulletin board is equally guilty if it defends such language.


dear GJ
discussion solves everything .
why didn’t you ask me
instead of : “I have flagged this comment and asked for this person’s removal from knol.”
“with his own blood” means “authentic” .
or as GM says : “be honest and publish your honest content” .
the methaphor comes from nietzsche .
“Von allem Geschriebenen liebe ich nur Das, was Einer mit seinem Blute schreibt. Schreibe mit Blut: und du wirst erfahren, dass Blut Geist ist.”
(from everything written I love only that which one writes with his blood. Write with blood: and you’ll learn that blood is spirit .)
btw. you don’t need to excuse . write an article with your blood about the future of knol for our contest and we will honor it .
ok ?


Interesting, to have all the votes in one place. It will be much better if KAF stop attacking KPG and let it go.. Let us say that “July 2010” is the month with no attack against anybody.. Let us try to live in PEACE
Just an idea.

you are in both groups .
have you told KPG that they can not make our rules ?
have you told them to stop attacking KAF ?
if yes, it’s ok for me .

MAK YES, I grantee the KPG side, and want KAF to do the same. Let us try to live in Peace for sometimes


dear MAK
I’m deeply disappointed .
on http://knol.google.com/k/knol-foundation/knol-author-foundation-kaf/v6cwpxfb3xad/40 in the comment part GM wrotes :
“It would be nice to give a link back to the creator of that text and give him the “credit” for his work, thanks in avance… ”
this is a typical childish attack of a controll freak .
how can you say “I garantee the KPG side”, if you can’t stop them to do so .


The time is coming for the contest to close. How will we go about voting on the best knol and what kind of prize are we talking about. Is it an award or money? We need to decide.

KS everyone can make a ranking list .
weight : 1 = 1/1; 2 = 1/2; 3 = 1/3; 4 = 1/4; 5 = 1/5 …
then we need a jury (5-7 persons) which weight the first ten in the same way .
the winners can chose if they want an award or money .
money means: [1] = 300 w; [2] = 200 w; [3] = 100 w .

my ranking
1. what do I do now ? (seeger carbajal)
2. historic sea voyages (seeger carbajal)
3. knol: the democratic revolution of knwledge (alberto aune´)
4. the secon axial age (kazuhiko kotani)
5. women geniuses in computer science (manoj ap)
6. honor (kevin gaddis)
7. green reading (pauline c)
8. pom course teamwork (dr mandi)
9. god is visible (andreas j. kampe)

Removed comment of KS as it is not the opportune time to give the rankings by an eminent person like him. Others will not send their entries. Let us wait for one more day and invite ranking from all.

I made this ranking to encourage others to do the same .
there was a reply of Andreas J. Kampe (Many thanks, Kalle, for the information you have given me in my contribution America, Good morning, God is visible…), you removed too .
I hope you made a copy of it, so you can restore it tomorrow .
if not, you will pay for it (10 w) 🙂

Can you restore it without copy? For comments are versions available?

ok 10 w. for not making a copy and not asking your co-authors MAK and SK .
I will restore it tomorrow (there is no version available but shurely I know my own ranking) .
I’ll add AJK as # 9

< discussion solves everything


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