discussion solves everything (6)


@ GM (Gust MEES)
Larry is now going for “Community”, but is Knol interesting for him???
knol is the best community of the world ๐Ÿ™‚ Larry should talk with us .


@ GM
thank you for the rectification .
I didn’t want to criticize you. on the contrary, you’re right .
@ GM
make a proposal . I will do it .
@ GM

excuse me, but
Larry is now going for “Community”
is your original text and also
“but is Knol interesting for him???”
on may 30, 2011 11:54 pm you wrote on comment #16
Peter Mersch : “Maintenance Announcement still valid?”
“Hi all,
I will try to make some more tweets (Twitter messages) in the next days with some irony behind, maybe this will help??? What about other authors trying to do the same???
Larry is now going for “Community”, but is Knol interesting for him???
Have a nice day and best regards,

so, excuse me, that I dared to quote you.
if you want, I can delete my comment .
it is only a part of your comment .

@ GM

if you click on [Older questions ยป][11 – 20]
you can find it as I have written above .
it’s a pity that one can not link on comments .
as I always say : comments must be knols too .
now, may I delete it ?

@ GM
With new CEO’s and with the target to go more social on GOOGLE let us hope that LARRY PAGE and his team will get more professional now and that KNOL will profit from it also as it is a social platform… wait and see… hopefully not too long…
Larry is now going for “Community”, but is Knol interesting for him???

I think, knol is the best community of the world .
Larry should talk with us .


@ GM
as you said : this knol help is not a bulletin board .
but we use it for our discussions, as the knol discussion page is not working anymore .
your post “what knols are ..” is not a topic of “Question and Answers” but clearly a topic of the KNOL DISKUSSION BOARD . it is a sub-comment to my 2011-06-22 comment . but KVSS does not even suspect that he was approached .
so it’s better to make it a sub-comment (to make it hidden here to not disturb the “Question and Answer” topics as you have done here) .
why is it so hard for you to accept the proposals of others ?
you don’t recognize even your own arguments if another than you pronounce them .
knol is what we make of it .


@ GM
in the long run we need an all in one browser, a sort of cloud browser .
each sentence is a collection of words or phrases .
each knol is a collection of sentences ,
each collection is a collection of knols or other collections .
you can also say that we need a tree browser (like the category browser but for collections) .
the simplest and best solution is a binary tree .
imagine that everything is a knol (first of all these comments, but also pictures, songs, twitter messages, blog entries, facebook pages, chats and so on) .
GM writes a comment A .
then KVSS writes a comment B .
there is a command line where you can combine knols . there he writes : A c B .
now the browser shows you the tree (A c B) .
so, if GM clicks on his comment A, he can immediately see, that there is (A c B) and he can read B . similiar if KS writes a comment C :
-> ((A c B) c C) or (A c (B c C)) .
and so on .


@ GM
some people (authors???) are posting messages here to show up without having a clue about what knowledge sharing is . they don’t even know what the difference is (at least for now) about a knol and a comment .
when there is a “topic” about comments, so NO WAY and need to bring in a reply about “what knols are”, this is considered as “troublemaker”, “no respect about other persons” .

this is on internet . in real life there are no discussions but respect about titles and so on .
so people, who think internet is a slave of real life demand respect without having a clue about what discussion is ๐Ÿ˜‰


@ GM
you did it again ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


@ GM
your influence score is 666 .


Answered directly to Gust’s rant as it seems I am a direct target. Quoting what I said: “Stupendous, most of this rant could address your behavior. Except that the list would have to be extended ๐Ÿ™‚ Leaving you to your self-promotion / self-adoration and cult of personality.” More generaly I consider that authors have a full right to have their privacy respected.


@ SK
another hint : in jewish folklore lilith becomes adam’s first wife, who was created at the same time and from the same earth as adam. this contrasts with eve, who was created from one of adam’s ribs.
with the advent of the patriarchy, matriarchy (lilith) was vilified and demonized and became the serpent in the tree of life and the knowledge of good and evil.
the fall of man began with the lie that patriarchy is the true religion .
today, the world may believe that things (oil, money) are more important than people.
the left brain is dominant over the right.

Domination is a fact and fight back successful or unsuccessful is also a fact. Friction and the resultant heat is also a fact. As it is a fight and friction between genders, it is not always true that only persons of weaker gender suffer. There are many in the dominant gender who are weak in the situation and they also suffer. So it is God’s design to enjoy the cooperation, competition and the conflict between these God created images.

god’s design is a top down world which works bottom up .
patriarchy is a work of some criminals . we have to change it .
there is no fight and fricion between genders, dear Rao (perhaps in india, but not in germany),
there is a fight and friction between our writings (even if you write it twice ๐Ÿ˜‰


thank you for appreciating my writing .
it is about the layout of this (knol help) page .
there are only 10 comments (threads) visible .
so if you make a comment thread instead of several comments, more authors are visible .
“the sabbath was made for man, and not man for the sabbath” .
this is the spirit for a better world .
knol has only a chance if it becomes a google++ .
there are enough articles, what we need is a COMMUNITY .
community comes by communication .
an article without a response is no communication .
articles are not for page views, articles are for communication .


@ Koen
you did it again .
you did not get it .

I got that that was a very ugly picture.

@ Koen
oh, I apologize .

One more unwelcome edit and you’re out.

@ Koen
calm down a bit . we should give up this thousands years old property thinking and try something new .
if you can’t do anything with this page, leave it to us .

Who is this “us” ?

@ Koen
good question !
first of all the signers of this list, but also every person, who is interested .
if you don’t want spontanous actions, we need a structure where we can make proposals and decisions .

So you pretend to speak for all of them ?

@ Koen
no, I speak for myself .
but if this is not possible, you need a speaker .
my speaker is Peter Greenfinch .
do you accept him as a referee ?

That is not an answer to my question…
EDIT : it is customary to place a notification if you edited a comment after you placed it.

No referee needed. The ground rules for this petition are (for every individual)
1) You place your name if you agree that Knol is a useful service and should be preserved.
2) If you want you can place a small personal comment under the list of names. And if you really want some self glorification you can place a (ONE) link in that comment.
That’s it. Love it or leave it.

@ Koen
I understand your cry for love
but we have a new situation now .
and as ugly times need ugly images ;.) a new situation needs a new thinking .
“EDIT : it is customary …”
don’t become silly, there was still no new comment from you .

@ Koen
silly = academic ?

You edited your own comment after you submitted it.

@ Koen
sure I did .
look there is a button : “edit” .
can you read it ?
notification : and I do it now again ๐Ÿ™‚

So you are accusing me of lying ?

@ Koen
I would never do.
seems more likely that you are accusing me
I ask a lawyer/referee ! (see above))
is there anyone reading this ?
can you tell me, what I have done ?

@ Koen
but whatever I have done, I apologize .
do you accept ?

It would be interesting to me to find out what your motivations are for denying that you altered a comment after I answered to it.

@ Koen
ah, now I understand (discussion solves everything :))
I altered the comment before reading your answer .
and it was precisely for the reason to make it more understandable to you .
as you have confirmed to me then yes immediately.
it was a cross over, I think .

<ย discussion-solves-everything/


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