my knol comments 2010 (february)


2 SK
numbers in history


Now you are talking my language. Your ‘numbers in history’ is very good you should expand it and put it into a knol.

2 SK
you clicked on my link . you read it . you answered it . we are talking linkuage . that’s great .
we have different brains but the same mind ūüôā
If you think ‘numbers in history’ can be the start of a new knol, please write one . your english is better for this

This is your idea so you start the knol and then you invite me and I will add my bit.

2 SK
it’s open collaboration .
I would need a (hello or so) comment to invite you .


@ KR
die kausalit√§t ist √ľbrigens eine von der zeit abgeleitete kategorie, die entsprechende, vom raum abgeleitete kategorie, k√∂nnte man vielfalt oder muster nennen (verwandte w√∂rter sind gestalt oder struktur) .
ob man die welt positiv oder negativ sieht, h√§ngt wohl ausschlie√ülich von den fr√ľhkindlichen erfahrungen ab, die man gemacht hat und die die grundlage bilden oder der bezugspunkt sind f√ľr alle weiteren erfahrungen . goethe spricht von “dem gesetz, nach dem du angetreten” . oder auch von pr√§gung .


Zia Shah
How to get to Universal Brotherhood
Kalle Schwarz makes a very interesting and important comment as usual below. He is asking how can we get to ‘Universal Brotherhood.’

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was signed by most countries in 1948 and each country was supposed to disseminate this information. But the media that I hear, watch or read hardly talks about it. They would rather tell us that Sarah Palin had some thing written in her left palm.

I have two or three knols on the issue of Universal Declaration, if we keep talking about it from different angles, even if it is just between you and me it changes the paradigm.

When I was in college there was an international conference on Psychiatry and a quiz competition between students from different colleges. After the competition, I understood through reliable sources that came about accidently that I was to get the gold medal but then later found that the decision was subsequently rigged, and some one else is to get it now. My professor told me to stand at the entrance of the dinner and start telling all guests of the dinner that the decision has been rigged. I was young did not see the merit of this approach but did this and talked to many strangers and guests, they gave me a deer and the head lights look, I was embarrassed but the next day the decision was corrected.

If enough discussion about Universal Rights goes around on knol the world cannot remain as exploitative as it is today.


“even if it is just between you and me it changes the paradigm”
ok, let’s start .
universal brotherhood (ub) :
1. you
2. me
3. ?
our first aim should be to find a 3. (4., 5., …) person .
our first universal right should be freedom of speech .
we don’t want to block anyone because of the contents of it’s postings .
in the worst case this person is ill and we should try to cure it .
if it’s uncurable we should ignore it .


Zia Shah
That is good.
Here is a proposal. I have a knol simply articulating the 30 articles of Universal Declaration of Human Rights:
Let us start piling clear examples of violation by different countries in the comment section and then promote that knol by different means here. That is how we will get our person number 3,4 and 5. Kalle are you ready!


everyone has the right to freedom of religion (article 18)
religion is like a tree with many branches and twigs .
everyone has its own form of religion . there are as many forms of religion as there are people, but all should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood (article 1) .
through our lives, we are promoting our form of religion.
so, if one says, god has blue eyes, and the other says, god has brown eyes, i can only test their lifes,
and if the second is the better, i can say : seems that god has brown eyes . .


Zia Shah
Kalle wrote,’religion is like a tree with many branches and twigs.’ This reminds me of a tradition in Islam that God sent more than 100,000 prophets to different parts of the world, in different times to guide humanity.

God also had a scheme to bring all these different people together in the latter days, when the means of communication would bring them so close that it will be a global village!

What is that scheme? Let me leave the answer to the wisdom of the reader!


very good. you describe a top down tree . the scheme is therefore a tree. in this case, a bottom up tree.

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