2010/january I


ks @ http://knol.google.com/k/douglas-mckee/the-armageddon-process/3q0xdomx5udy4/7#
this is your best knol so far
because, despite my rudimentary knowledge of english, i could understand it immediately πŸ™‚
the solution is a world democracy and a world currency and with the help of knol we can do it .
ks @ http://knol.google.com/k/douglas-mckee/the-root-of-wisdom/3q0xdomx5udy4/6#
5 stars, as always
“all human experiences only have meaning when it is put into context and the context is different for each person.”
wise people are wise because they can replace a bad context by a good context .
in knol we can change our context by seeking communicative persons or groups .
we can be your context and you can be our context .
ks @ metaphoric-thinking
all human experiences only have meaning when it is put into context and the context is different for each person.
so let’s make a common context (consense) .
first bottom up (because on knol no author can be forced by another author to do this or that) and then top down .
e.g. if two of us have a difference and they cannot come to an agreement,
but they have made a third person a judge (bottom up), then with the help of this person they can solve the problem (top down) .
any discussion shows immediately whether the other guy is dominated by its affective or whether it can reasonably imagine. but most fall somewhere in between.
so (metaphoric spoken) we have the good, the bad and the ugly .
as we can recognize them in each discussion we need a structure where in the long run the good are in the center and the bad are on the edge (on the periphery) or outside of the structure .
btw. the first context for each human beeing is its mother .
so, as i always say: happy mother, happy child.


“Common Context” is a wonderful idea, but simply not possible while we still inhabit bodies because of the way we process data. The following exercise will illustrate the point that every thing has a different meaning for each of us. The next time you are in a group of friends, tell them you are going to say a word and you want them to recall everything they know about the word; experiences, sensory (color, texture, size, sounds, etc.), and emotional content, and then you will each share what their meaning for the word is. I use the word “dog.” The last time, out of seven people, only one adjective was used twice.
We can have a Common Agenda, because we can recognize the value of a specific goal and then choose to “act” in a manner that supports and furthers our progress toward that goal. If a flood is coming, for instance, we can all agree to get together to build a dike to protect our homes and families.
This illustrates one of the main reasons we have so many problems today. The agendas of our leaders, and indeed, our own, do not reflect wisdom. There is no long term plan for the betterment of ourselves, our families, or of humankind. There is no “Human Agenda.” Wise thinking would create one as a matter of course.
The rich plan for the next century, politicians for the next election, and the poor for Friday night.
btw. You are right. Happy mother, happy child. We are just beginning to grasp the importance of the emotional and nutritional status of “mother.” We don’t arrive as a blank slate as thought. We are conditioned and programmed in utero.
ms @ the-messenger-s-list
My adverbs today: alertness, prudence, curiosity.

alertness : this MS-guy has tried to block me .
prudence : he also attacks women .
curiosity : he is a control freak .
to understand him i recommend to read why-abusers-abuse


ks @ dmk
so, what’s your agenda for knol ?


kvss @ dmk
About your profession
Are you practicing Anaesthesia?It will be good to have some knols on that topic also.


Good Morning Kalle,
My Agenda for knol is to share a path to wisdom, for Wisdom is our only hope. It is “the path of the progress of Man.” Wisdom is a teachable, sharable, and learnable process. Wisdom is the seed from which all worthy endeavors grow.
“Wisdom is the science of Happiness.”
“Wisdom is the discretionary use of knowledge for the highest good.”
“Wisdom is the ability to apply eternal laws in our life.”
Helping others gain wisdom is the most marvelous personal, familial, corporate, and cultural Agenda I can imagine.

Good Morning Narayana,
A very dear friend once described a hospital as “a temple dedicated to sin, sickness, and death. He went on to describe me as one of the high priests in the temple. He believes illness is a manifestation of negative emotions. Science is verifying his belief.
A Harvard study states 60% of all doctor visits are for conditions caused by or made worse by stress.
A USA Today article claims to quote a study from the CDC that 85-95% of all illness comes from stress.
Although my anesthesia practice has been, and is, an important phase of my life, it is not my passion.
Also, there are others far more expert and qualified to write knols on that topic.
Thanks for the suggestion.


kvss @ my- knol-comments-december
interesting collection

you are really a wise man . it’s fun to hear your voice .
i think we should invite you as a co-author on wisdom council (as i called our board over a year ago) .
do you agree that we ask the team ? (kvss can do this, he has discovered you πŸ™‚
btw. you would be the number seven and this number comes from heaven .

Good Afternoon Kalle,
I would honored to be considered to serve.
Sincerest Thanks,


ks @ zs
that are open doors . i don’t think it’s of significant consequence .
what is going on today is a general change in the cultural structure .
from top down (church, holy war) to bottom up (democracy)
and then to a new world (knol) .
ks @ Zia Shah & Dan Marcum
is the one god a person ? yes, simply per definition .
jesus could not be the one god, because he was dead, and while he was dead he could not awake himself from the dead . so it’s clear, i’s not one person, there are at least two persons .
the holy spirit is not a person (simply per definition of spirit) . it’s the unity of the two persons but it is not a person itself .
if it is a person, than the unity of the three persons is again a fourth person, and this four persons are again a fifth person and so on .
btw. dear dan, the bible is always telling from the living god and never from the dead god . the one god couldn’t dy, because if s/he does, the universe immediately is also dead and gone .
please stop this discussion . you are both victims of a patriarchal culture

ks @ dmk
we have to thank you . i think we all can learn from you .
because the formality will take a few days and to lose no time, i’ll tell you already about our situation . we have two boards now because there was a quarrel between SKS and SK / KVSS about the right use of the board . SK and KVSS like to produce redundancy (i think because of their culture (e.g. they give a link and then also the contents of the linked page)) but for a programmer like SKS this is unnecessary and a sign of poor quality . i don’t know how to solve this problem, i only know (thanks of your writing) that we should positively adress the problem . in my eyes SK and KVSS have the right to do this . there is enough and enough place for all of us . on the other side i understand SKS as well : western people don’t like to read always the same . there is no discussion and no process . there is no teamwork .
to make two boards is a solution, but again it was not a result of team work .
now my hope is that we can make a discussion about that . all we need is a neutral intermediary
and i think you are the right person . i think i can convince A, KVSS, PG, SKS for that and than together we can show SK how this works and we can convince him by our example .

I would be agreeable to serve as a coach to facilitate a conclusion between the two teams. I believe they have very similar agendas.
It is easy to see the benefits to both kinds of presentations.
Sometimes I would rather see the article with the link at the bottom so I can confirm the content.
Sometimes the article contains some substantive knol that doesn’t really need a bibliography or confirmation.
If the article contains some new study, having the link provides me the option to go directly to the source.

Since this is a Wisdom Board, all parties being wise, already obviously understand the urgency of the global situation and surely their agendas have to do with sharing this message with everyone we can reach as rapidly as possible.
The form is not nearly as important as understandable the content and function.
A man dying of thirst doesn’t care if water is in a bucket or a crystal goblet. The water is the important part.
A solution that facilitates the message is the goal of all.


ks @ zs
a new prophet
in our times there will be a last prophet, equally to christians, muslims and jews .
s/he will establish the rule of god on earth and distroy all evil .
s/he is a super being and will appear first on knol, because google is the only company with the motto :
don’t be evil .
this big prophet has a little prophet in itself . we call it knol star and s/he is the best of all persons who are living on earth .
the logic is that we vote the best person, we know, and these persons also vote the best persons they know . so the best of all persons come to the center and this is the little prophet .
so if you want to test the will of god, please vote .


ks @ SKS @ team (KBB)
great posting .
i answer you here, because i decided not to post on KBB unless the newcomers (i.e. DM) have posted . my communication with KVSS and SK is now over a year and things are clear for me .
about BB categories, each one managed by a different person :
full acknowledge . this was exactly my idea .
it’s only about the way to do it .
there are two ways : “top down” and “bottom up” .
and there is a combination of this two ways .
i prefer as little “top down” as possible .and as much “bottom up” as necessary .
“bottom up” means : first there must be the news, knols, bugs, postings and so on (KBB1) and then we can categorize them (KBB2/3/..) .
btw. i’m curious into what category you would put KVSS : yesterday was the birthday of … ?

He he… Good one!
I am curious on what the future of Knol would be. But I am sure that there is no future for a Knol with senators or people who are online calendars. But everyone could contribute. I continue to make my stand for quality and I really think that any innovative ideas simply stand out for themselfs. They do not need 1,000 Knols to be elaborated…


zs (01/08)
Thank you Kalle and Peter for your encouragement. I will read some of your knols and get to know both of you better.

that would be greatly appreciated πŸ™‚

mb @ knol help (01/10)
Regarding Hindi knol contest
Knol team , I am greatly disappointed by the use of automatic translation kit which some people are using for the entry in contest……hai baaton mein dam ?
Kindly take the action as soon as possible as this is an insult to a national language.
Hoping to hear soon from you

ks (01/10)

mb (01/10)
You don’t have to laugh so loudly Kalle , I am serious .

ok, lets be serious .
if google gives us a perfect translater (which is indistinguishable from a native speaker (a sort of turing test)), then we owe to google at least hundred billion dollars . but you want it for nothing .


What do you mean by that Kalle ?
I am talking of the ” automatic translation kit ” , removal of which doesn’t cost billion dollars.
It is destroying the things rather than constructing positive things.
There is a ”translation tool option” at the top of each knol which is good enough to translate a language nicely.
pb @ the-messenger-s-list

Doug. I certainly support Murry’s remarks. I have enjoyed the Knols I have read of yours and look forward to reading a lot more.
Kalle is way off the mark here and I have reported his/her comment as abusive, in particular his/her offensive accusation about Murry and women. (Kalle is a ‘phantom’. Unlike the rest of us, he/she has never disclosed his/her true identity nor offered a location for contact verification)
Murry is the Knol Team’s Top Pick author and has held that position against all comers for over 6 months. See link below.
Murry has the support of Knol senior management including Cedric Dupont.
Murry leads a Knol LinkedIn group of the site’s most active and recognized authors which includes contributions from one of Google Knol’s founders.
His agenda, as evidenced by his high ranking Knols and copious encouraging comments to quality authors, could be expressed in terms identified below:
“Hopefully we can help Knol figure out how to remain a site for valuable information rather than degenerate into a fast buck sales pitch wasteland”
Kalle’s agenda is clearly outlined in his comment and he/she leads the team at Knol Author Foundation.
The team Murry leads work collaboratively here – knol-help-911
Doug, the Knol platform gives you the option to either delete or endorse Kalle’s comment (see the option under the comment). I trust I have given you sufficient evidence to choose the former. You are welcome to discuss this further with me in private if you wish … pjbaskerville AT hotmail DOT com.


ks @ the-messenger-s-list
2009-05-09 Murry Shohat
Angela is a fake and anonymous i.d., a “sock puppet” in Wikipedia language.
2009-05-12 Angela
A “sock puppet”?!? Murry, this is just as unacceptable as you believe Kalle’s comment was. I am reporting yours as an abusive comment. Calling me a fake is also unacceptable. If you wish to call Kalle an “immature idiot”, you are only being very immature yourself. I expected a more mature from such a prolific, intelligent, and popular knol author. I agree with Murry on most of his opinions, but not this. This is an immature way to react.
my agenda : http://knol.google.com/k/kalle-schwarz/kalle-schwarz/1m7f8ad2dgh39/0#
the first two sentences :
kalle schwarz ist nicht mein richtiger name, sondern entstand dadurch, dass ich das offene e-mail konto wikikalle bei google benutze, das von einem kalle schwarz (also letzten endes wieder von mir) eingerichtet wurde, aber als gruppen-konto betrieben wird . im realen leben heiße ich sigi .
verification :
if you want to see a picture of me, ask SK . he has called me by phone and on one of his knols (don’t know anymore on which) he wanted to see a picture of me . so i gave him a link .
he/she leads the team at Knol Author Foundation :
2009-01-09 Judge @ Founders
A question was brought up in a comment on the Knol Author Foundation page, about open collaboration
i didn’t propose to make foundation page open collaboration .

my point was “decision making” . you just gave me an example .
should this be a majority decision without me ? then without me
you see, this doesn’t work ;
knol is a new world . there will be “united groups” but not majority-decision groups . never .
what do overruled and disaffected people help us ?
2009-08-07 KS @ SK
KAF has the handicap that it is said to be not democratic (think at Panos)
and last not least :
2009-05-09 Murry Shohat
Kalle (Murry) in his own defense. But he is naked

ks @ mb
if you mean the babelfish thing you are right .
it’s only a gadget and doesn’t come from google, i think .
but if there is a good enough translation option on each knol,
why then not using this option ?
btw. i use http://translate.google.de/?hl=de&tab=wT#
but i always have to refactor the translation, it’s also not very good .
to make a good translation, you need the context .
e.g. and god said, let there be light: and there was light .
you know, the context is the bible : genesis 1:3 .
the corresponding body in german is 1. mose 1:3 .
so you ask google : 1. mose 1:3 ?
and the answer is : und gott sprach: es werde licht! und es ward licht .
a translation program doesn’t know that context, but may be some day google knows it .
then you have
question : and god said, let there be light: and there was light .
answer : und gott sprach: es werde licht! und es ward licht .
look what google is answering today :
und gott sprach: es werde licht, und es ward licht.
wow, that’s perfect

gh @ mb
The moderators of the hai baaton mein dam collections are responsible for accepting or rejecting the entries, but attempt to be as inclusive as possible. If you do not like a knol that was accepted, feel free to comment upon or rate the knol accordingly.

Thanks knol help
Kalle, yes you are right, I was talking of the ” babelfish thing” which is creating lot of problems.
It doesn’t seem to work at all and I am shocked to see that the moderators of ” hai baaton mein dam ”
contest are accepting knols translated by this.
Kalle , what’s this ? You are sharing your knowledge in this manner ?
I thought you wrote that comment , why SK is replying ?
BTW , Why don’t you use caps lock key ?

uups, typo .
it was a long night, playing this role playing game wesnoth and writing all these different comments .
btw. my messengers list comment was deleted and i had to restore it πŸ˜‰
caps lock key ? wow, good question . you are a lively personality .
but now – good night minoo .

it has become your identity Kalle , whenever I see these letters like ‘ i ‘ , btw etc etc , I know you
have written them but it’s not a good habit.It’s called ………” Height of laziness”.

minoo, I would be happy if you could join our knol-star tree . in this case i promise to write “I” instead of “i” and large letters at the beginning of each sentence .


ks @ dmk
wise decision but a bit hasty .
fortunately I was still able to archive the thread before it was deleted, otherwise I would have been very angry.
public is our only chance against control freaks . it’s not a joke if someone wants to destroy you .


ks (01/14)
senator? – king !!!
well, we have our first category : online calendar .
if you make a page for this i’ll move the corresponding contents from KBB to it
and this i’ll do every time you mark contents of KBB as online calendar .
if that is accepted it would be usefull to have some more categories .
category “(good) news” : google wants no longer to accept chinese censorship

ks (new)
KBB is full of brain garbage, perpetuum mobiles and millionaires in spe .
this category thing brings me to an idea .
i want that SK and KVSS give only a link to their comments and i can decide to read it or not .
so i’ll use the golden rule and do to them what i wish they should do to me .
i’ll give them only a link .

<Β my-knol-comments-2010-january/


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