2010/january II


MS @ the messenger-s list (01/02)
My adverbs today: alertness, prudence, curiosity.

KS (01/02)
alertness : this MS-guy has tried to block me .
prudence : he also attacks women .
curiosity : he is a control freak .
to understand him i recommend to read why abusers abuse

PB (01/15)
Kalle is way off the mark here and I have reported his/her comment as abusive, in particular his/her offensive accusation about Murry and women. (Kalle is a ‘phantom’. Unlike the rest of us, he/she has never disclosed his/her true identity nor offered a location for contact verification)

Murry is the Knol Team’s Top Pick author and has held that position against all comers for over 6 months. See link below.

Murry has the support of Knol senior management including Cedric Dupont.

Murry leads a Knol LinkedIn group of the site’s most active and recognized authors which includes contributions from one of Google Knol’s founders.

His agenda, as evidenced by his high ranking Knols and copious encouraging comments to quality authors, could be expressed in terms identified below:
“Hopefully we can help Knol figure out how to remain a site for valuable information rather than degenerate into a fast buck sales pitch wasteland”

Kalle’s agenda is clearly outlined in his comment and he/she leads the team at Knol Author Foundation.

The team Murry leads work collaboratively here – knol-help-911

Doug, the Knol platform gives you the option to either delete or endorse Kalle’s comment (see the option under the comment). I trust I have given you sufficient evidence to choose the former. You are welcome to discuss this further with me in private if you wish … pjbaskerville AT hotmail DOT com.

KS (01/16)
2009-05-09 Murry Shohat
Angela is a fake and anonymous i.d., a “sock puppet” in Wikipedia language.
2009-05-12 Angela
A “sock puppet”?!? Murry, this is just as unacceptable as you believe Kalle’s comment was. I am reporting yours as an abusive comment. Calling me a fake is also unacceptable. If you wish to call Kalle an “immature idiot”, you are only being very immature yourself. I expected a more mature from such a prolific, intelligent, and popular knol author. I agree with Murry on most of his opinions, but not this. This is an immature way to react.

my agenda : kalle schwarz
the first two sentences :
kalle schwarz ist nicht mein richtiger name, … . im realen leben heiße ich sigi .

verification :
if you want to see a picture of me, ask SK . he has called me by phone and on one of his knols (don’t know anymore on which) he wanted to see a picture of me . so i gave him a link .

he/she leads the team at Knol Author Foundation :
2009-01-09 Judge @ Founders
A question was brought up in a comment on the Knol Author Foundation page, about open collaboration

2009-01-09 KS
i didn’t propose to make foundation page open collaboration .

my point was “decision making” . you just gave me an example .should this be a majority decision without me ? then without me
you see, this doesn’t work 😉
knol is a new world . there will be “united groups” but not majority-decision groups . never .
what do overruled and disaffected people help us ?
2009-08-07 KS @ SK
KAF has the handicap that it is said to be not democratic (think at Panos)

and last not least :
2009-05-09 Murry Shohat
Kalle (Murry) in his own defense. But he is naked

DMK (01/17)
Good Morning Kalle,
I am the owner/author of a knol dedicated to sharing my understanding of how people can gain wisdom.
I did not see a relationship between your animosity towards the poster and helping others gain wisdom so I simply deleted the content as not related to topic.
If you have an issue with someone who posts on my knol, please understand if I believe it is not the appropriate place to make your statement.

Jakob Nielsen, www.useit.com, is one of  “the” world authorities on web page design. Years ago he likened a web page to a highway billboard sign. If it cannot be loaded within 8 seconds and contain relevant content that can be obtained by the visitor within the next few seconds, that reader is gone in search of the desired content.

So, if a knol is about topic “x,” then it seems reasonable to me that the postings should be about “x.”

My first post to the bulletin board knol was about the authors not arguing online because readers are looking for specific information and are not interested in how off-topic folks can get. The debating about who can post what, page views, ranking, and colors deters reader exploration in the knol to find the pearls that are actually there.

Maybe wisdom in an anachronism, but I find life as a dinosaur quite pleasant.


this email-writing is like antechamber politics . it’s like having two faces .
my comment was about alertness, prudence and curiosity when using words like alertness, prudence, curiosity .
you did the right by deleting our postings but you could have emailed? us before .
wisdom is to look for persons and not for things (that’s cleverness)” .
knol is more than a portal for things (market) . knol is making a new world
(while microsoft is making deals with china) .
Jacob Nielsen gives hints for business-men . are you a business-man ?
btw. “not related to topic” is rationalization (streamlining) .
you first only deleted me . then, after i refreshed my posting, you became “prudent” and “wise” .


What are you so afraid of Kalle? Why don’t you just disclose who you really are? Is it because you are a coward? … I don’t think so. Is it because the man behind the beard is really a girl? I think so ….
Come-on … leave your shadow-world and step out into the open and play with honesty and fairness. Just then I might enter into some discussion with you. Until then, you remain just a figment of my imagination … some insignificant and rambling text in cyber space … a voice of no consequence.

you better delete this comment (he, he) . it is below your level .
as a chauvi you guess that i must be a girl because i wrote :
each woman has more emotional intelligence than the wisest man .
but that is my honest opinion just because i am a man . you should better learn this too .

hi PeB
Du siehst aus wie eine Bulldogge . Bist du ein Mann oder ein Hund ? Ist dein wirklicher Name vielleicht “der Hund von Baskerville” ?


yes, bulletin board knol is full of brain garbage, perpetuum mobiles and millionaires in spe .
thanks god nobody cares .
but that gave me an idea .
i want that SK and KVSS give only a link to their comments and i can decide to read them or not .
so i’ll use the golden rule and do to them what i wish they should do to me .
i’ll give them only a link .
@ team
to calm down the emotions I will give my comments a more technical form .
I will give them as links . construction solves everything .
special thanks to SKS, DMK, SK and KVSS, who gave me that idea . Oh, and to Minoo Bhagia .



Wisdom is knowledge that is as old as mankind.
Wisdom is to be human.


@ PB
01/15 : Kalle is a ‘phantom’. Unlike the rest of us, he/she has never disclosed his/her true identity nor offered a location for contact verification
01/22 : Writing quality original content is verification enough around here.
— Wow, the wolf has eaten chalk .
BTW you can have a contact verification if you show that you are worth it .
@ KR
und um einen diamenten (wie z.b. deinen kommentar :)) zu finden, muss man tonnen von geröll (wie z.b. ;))
durchwühlen .
ein guter tischler macht auch aus schlechtem holz brauchbare möbel, ein schlechter tischler macht auch aus gutem holz kein brauchbaren möbel .
nietzsches übermensch war der versuch, ein überwesen zu schaffen .
genau das können wir hier tun . knol bzw. knol-star ist so ein überwesen .


Vor einem Tag oder zwei Tagen bekam ich einen Hinweis auf eine Antwort von Dir auf meinen Kommentar “Original thought”. Doch konnte ich sie nicht finden. Was ist da los? Von mir jedenfalls ist Deine Antwort nicht gelöscht worden.

@ KR
die antwort wurde (glücklicherweise) nicht gelöscht, sondern steht hier, direkt über deinem posting .
ich hatte auf der seite von MS hinter deinem kommentar nur einen link (auf die seite hier) abgelegt, aber auch das war schon zuviel und wurde wegzensiert (hab’s jetzt noch mal probiert (mit dem gleichen ergebnis)) .
ich mache gerade experimente, die zeigen sollen, dass ein kommentar auch als knol (verlinkbar) gesehen werden kann oder sogar gesehen werden sollte, wenn man wirklich auf cloud computing hinaus will .
das ist zunächst allerdings verwirrend, weil wir noch keinen browser dafür haben .
aber zumindest ist die dokumentation für mich schon mal einfacher und ich kann neben anderem auch die google-suche anwenden .


2 SK
Chomsky : the most challenging theoretical problem in linguistics was that of discovering the principles of universal grammar, which determine the choice of hypotheses, the accessible internal languages.
language is the connection of words (e.g. KS 2 SK) or (recursively) of connections  .
so language has (is) a structure .
while there are any number of words, there are only a limited number of shortcut options .
so language has (is) a grammer .
what concerns knol we can do the linkage by collections .
our knol language is the collection of knols or (recursively) of collections .
it would be good if there would be a connection browser, comparable to the category browser .


2 SK
now you got it .
if you don’t transform persons into things
you behave in a natural, original and happy manner .
the mind (spirit) is not the fragrance of the brain (like heaven is not the fragrance of the earth) .
it is a top down thing while the brain is a bottom up thing .
the “I” is the focal point between brain and mind (the link) .
it is the behavior of the “I”  which is the fragrance of the brain .
brain -> behavior | self image <- mind .



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