2010/may (C)


I think GM didn’t get it . I’m ashamed of his big mouth .
he should look on knol-discussion-page or knol-bulletin-board as an example .
— can you also look on knol-discussion-page (especially on the 19 replies comment of KVSS) ?
there is big panic

Mr. William Strathearn
I appreciate this initiative of yours. I am sure you remember the email exchange between us. What came to our mind at that time is proving to be right.
At this stage, I am really excited about knol’s progress. There are counterviews among knol authors and may be there are counter views in Google senior management. But my view is that knol reached a critical stage from where it will go forward with better performance. Unfortunately, the outside media said there was no good content on knol and some authors also started saying the same things. It is not true. Knol has good content and slowly we are accessing it and using it. I am using some articles by other authors in regular teaching assignments. Many of my articles are prescribed reading in my courses. They are under scrutiny of my students and colleagues all the time. You might have observed, all my course plans are on knol. In each course plan, various online documents as well as books suggested are given. So the quality of our articles is under continuous scrutiny. More and more faculty members are showing interest in knol and are feeling bad that they are unable to still sit and use knol.
We launched three important initiatives in the last week.
Potential 100,000 Page View Knol Authors
Knol Author News
Trending Knols
All three are doing very well and I am confident that they will contribute to knol progress. I also appreciate similar initiatives being launched by others in the area of technical help, templates, and promotion.
No doubt there is some panic regarding support to knol and once you reassure people that you are in knowledge of various issues and evaluating appropriate responses, the panic will subside and there will be action once again.
Thanking you for this initiative
Narayana Rao K.V.S.S

Mr. William Strathearn
May I ask you: Where is the beef? What is the bottom line? Is Google still in business of Knol? or you are gonna leave it for authors forever? Looking for the Final version of Knol after this beta one by fixing and solving its bugs, PLEASE….
Thank you and wish you all the best
Dr. Moharram A. Khalifa

Dear Mr. William Strathearn,
This is really interesting or let me call it funny, not even with a small intro a knol appeared here that too is from one of the knol team members, this is really surprising Of course “Welcome abroad” i think speaks only little, you should have given a little summary at the place actually it meant for, i think that is one of the basic rule to write a knol. Anyways, can we expect something more from you or from your team on this issue.
As Mr.Narayana Rao K.V.S.S. said these days knol authors are taking keen interest in promoting knols than the team members at knol. A simple example is our joint effort of Trending Knols, Knol Author News and Potential 100,000 Page View Knol Authors. and the like more to follow.
I fully agree with Mr. Gust MEES at his comment below..
At this juncture the knol team should make note of the new developments happening around the web community, one simple example, the Yahoo’s Acquisition plan of Associated Content and the like.
Beware and act quickly to run the race to reach the goal πŸ™‚
With all Good Wishes
and Best Regards,
P V Ariel


As I started that disscussion in the comments, regardless my “BIG MOUTH” as some people say, but at least I show my real identity with “real name” and “real photo“, thanks to all who have joined in and who woke up πŸ˜‰
As my “BIG MOUTH” brings out “BIG RESULTS“, then I feel “HAPPY“, but what is about people who have a real big mouth and where there is “NOTHINGbehind?
To remember you all that I am creating constructive content:

  • Knol-21st Century Publishing Tool
  • Knol-its possibilities
  • Knol livre/sΓ©curitΓ© PC et Internet
  • Knol Book/Knol Help from Top Authors
  • 2010-05-25

    Come on Everybody. What are you waiting for. You are on the page of incharge of Knol. Write what you want to convey to Knol project head.br>
    But remember my thought.
    People support performance. People support positive thinkers. People want praise and support those who praise them. People support partners. People support playing.

    Hi Gust,
    That is really a good start I mean a Re-start πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    Come on everybody………..
    Let us air our feeling..
    I fully agree with Mr. KVSS but at the same time Rao Saaheb (Sir), let me add one more thing with your kind permission: “People (we) need to take criticism too, I mean not the destructive one as some do here at times at knol but the constructive one.
    Keep going.

    Good that we got a message and also change in about me. But I would like thank Gust Mees or Kalle Scharz who first noticed this page and started things. I came here as I saw KS’s entry on Knol Bulletin Board 2010, for Authors and Visitors. But what a response. This knol got a response which no other knol got in the last seven days. It is a trending knol with 100 pv everyday since it is located. I felt there was a need for dynamic knol author community. I advocated it last year itself. The knol I started at that time is now in this form Evolution of a Dynamic Knol Author (Knoller) Community. What happened on this knol is proof of the dynamic knoller community. It is there and alive. It may be divided into various groups. The division into various groups is not an obstacle. No single group can bring together so many authors dispersed over the world. My call is we don’t give up. We keep doing our activity as usual but recognize that William is no longer at the helm. Each of us can copy this knol into our portfolio.  We can also decide to keep writing on this knol till William unpublishes this knol. We are with our Garry Jenkins.

    Who is talking about giving up? How is this word getting spelled?
    @ KVSS: BTW: I started the discussion in the comments πŸ˜‰
    KS was only copying the comments…
    And it is about time that a community is growing up from all Knol Authors. And that is what I am doing, trying to get them together, regardless what hostile people on Knol are saying. I even don’t know why fore they are hostile against me? I don’t know them, so why?
    Do they own different Google Knol accounts and are they Trolls, who are only looking to bring in destructive content? Are they jealous about something which they are not able to create themselves?
    Are they not able to create constructive content?

    Message to Mr. William STRATHEARN, as mentioned in the comments:
    Why fore asking us authors to take over Your Knol? As this knol was written by a Knol Team Member, even not anymore in now, take Your RESPONSABILITY and forward it to an other, a “REAL KNOL TEAM MEMBER” πŸ˜‰
    Take your RESPONSABILITIES, please, KNOL TEAM MEMBERS, old and new ones πŸ˜‰
    We, as Knol Authors are not puppets to play with it, we are REAL PERSONS and we have FEELINGS!
    Hope You got the message πŸ˜‰


    Glad to see that re-start of that (hot, it is said) page to help Knol activity to expand.
    Such a Knol progress supposes a fair and non discriminating treatment of authors.
    This is an opportunity to remember that two crucial issues are still pending, regarding pageviews anomalies, a key aspect for a project that is entirely author-based .
    Those issues are:
    * To put an end to the situation described in the strange case of the fictitious author (the so-called “Guild” that accumulate pageviews by spades without writing any knol).
    * More generally, for knols on the co-authorship mode, to share pageviews in proportion to the number of authors instead of attributing the whole bulk to all.
    Hoping we will advance in solving those issues.

    As I am only a founder member of what You are considering “page views anomalies” and where You are proud to bring in Your knol, let me bring in also the links who are explaining to our readers what You are considering a “strange case“:

    You might have also a look here, which is also explaining…:

    Is this a strange case? Seriously, I don’t think so πŸ˜‰ And how do You consider these?

    Isn’t it that what GOOGLE Knol wants? Bringing together Authors?
    You might also read this:(Some suggestions from Shastri JC Philip for future)
    Sky is the limit on an open and non-stifling platform like Knol.
    The whole knol could be found here: Toward a Pragmatic and Dynamic Knol Library
    Please read it, it is worth to do so πŸ˜‰

    @ GM :
    KS was only copying the comments…
    what do you mean ? (this is not the first time you are not understandable (and not because of the syntax))
    see the first content of this page (version # 5 or my comment on 2010-05-23) .
    I would have written here without your comment.
    but indeed your comment helped me to start this page . so it’s teamwork πŸ™‚

    I see that GM preferred to drown the topic into technicalities, visionary prospects (and some;self-praise, certainly deserved but OT) instead of addressing the issue of Knol pageviews credibility and;its fairness to authors. I insist that the Guild is gaming the system and that the co-author page view system needs an urgent upheaval. I leave; knollers appreciate GM’s tactic…

    <Β my-knol-comments-2010-may/

    <Β my-knol-comments-2010-may/


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