@ GM
I advised you not to press your co-authors in the basement with mass of comments . it makes you no friends.
you answered: “es geht nicht darum sich freunde zu machen (It’s not about making friends)”
and you did it again .
but it gets worse.
elsewhere you write at the same time:
“I made a lot of friendships with that way of publication, something I want to continue and who knows… making even some new friendships on wordpress ;)”
with such a contradiction you can not win friends over .

@ SK (please sign these petitions)
didn’t you say recently that petitions are useless?

SK: “These petitions are on the White House web site. Only when there are 150 signatures will these be posted on the White House web site.”

@ SK: what do you think is more important for us: the white house or the knol community ?

@ KVSS (you have many interesting ideas .., but …)
if they are interesting, we must discuss them .
(see following comments)

@ GM (21st century knowledge)

your tips are useful to create and publish articles, the next step is to organize these articles .
we don’t need links within the articles (20st century), we need a link structure .
you can need url by giving them an index (as a part of a (c) struct) .
with the structs we can make a binary tree structure .
s1 : url1 . url2
s2 : s1 , url3
if we use a struct, there is an automatical ping back .
url1 -> s1
url2 -> s1
url3 -> s2
s1 -> s2

we need a browser for this .
perhaps C(arl) L(eubsdorf) can program it .
we can collect several million dollars for it and then start it

@ SK (decoding the bible)
the bible was written after the fall of mankind .
it is the truth with a lie in it .
god allowed it because it belonged to the fall .
the lie was that god made Adam first (every child knows, that this is a lie, but we are educated not to think about this) .
there was a woman before Eve (Lilith), but the patriarchy demonized here and she became the snake in the bible .
that was the root of a tree of lies with the tree of life hidden in it .
and only if we recognize this, we can (collectively) win back the tree of life .

time line


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