NO ANSWER from KNOL, so I go to an other knowledge sharing platform!


As there is NO ANSWER from GOOGLE KNOL http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ALC7kt6iUHY&feature=related, so I decided to leave the KNOL knowledge sharing platform NOW! Voyage, voyage http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6PDmZnG8KsM to somewhere else…
I will only make some updates on KNOL when necessary and I will take my precious time to share my knowledge with others on a different platform who gives me by already now 98% satisfaction and where it is much more easy to create content with 21st Century Tools and this without that I have to touch HTML!

In the hope that GOOGLE KNOL will still continue… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0714IbwC3HA and learning from already proposed comments to make it better and fit for 21st Century, which it isn’t anymore, sorry…KNOL doesn’t give me anymore satisfaction http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qXcNQTa3zgs actually…
On Knol Discussion Page http://knol.google.com/k/knol-help/knol-discussion-page/si57lahl1w25/204#, my comment “Knol a very good experience field for GOOGLE for a new social media adventure???” from March 2011 I was right, what I called “Google Circles” at that time was called now “Google+” and is including “Circles” and looks to have a great future…

That “Knol Discussion Page” from KNOL was getting freezed (not anymore possible to edit…) by GOOGLE, should be a reason for it???!!! Check out what comments are there… —> Waiting now for the next “KNOL”, the “REAL SOCIAL KNOL” who doesn’t allow anymore stalkers and anarchists to disturb the “social peace” of a “SOCIAL knowledge sharing platform”! <—

——————————-> Start it up soon http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZzlgJ-SfKYE

PS: message to people who made a “Google translation” screenshot in French from my comment here and displayed that one on their knols; update your screenshot or you are providing old news to your readers 😉 And at least be that fair to provide the original as well as the translation is very poor… @Googleknol: And finally, you got it with Google Knol to find out what is the worsted (the most bad) way to create something new to find out on how to do it not anymore [to improve] 😉 for new adventures in social media… Very clever, congratulations. By working on different knowledge sharing platforms and comparing them to Knol one finds out what SOCIAL is meaning, SOCIAL is a word what you need to learn what it is…

What is the best way to find out what SOCIAL is without bringing in too much efforts (and even earning money yourself) from your own part??? Answer: creating something without any control and let it go, let it flow… such as KNOL and then learning from it to create a social media platform such as Google+ and then listening to the customers to make it better. BUT not ethical as it is made on KNOL, sorry!!!

—> I am not against KNOL as it, but against KNOL as it is actually, there is a need for CHANGE and this very soon

And my stalker(s) is (are) still present and is (are) showing its (their) presence on my knols (to show up to keep down the display of my real visitors in stats, to show up themselve(s) [ONLY], please KNOL give me the IP address of that person(s) and I will send them an golden mirror so that “it” can have a look on it every day at any time, LOL…
That’s asocial what is happening and is that KNOL or only one person who is doing that??? If it is ONLY one person or a certain group of people, would it not be better to “flag” it, them???

What about to check the sent “flags” about that already known problem since about 2 years anyway, about time to do so!

—> An other FACT is: some TOP authors are getting discredited (authors who helped building up KNOL…) by some authors (???) who are following a strange way of publishing and mentality, this even by publishing knols against them! For which reason??? To pee on their legs to get more (better) known (selfish???) or is there a hidden mentality (???) behind it? <—

I thought that KNOL is a unit of Knowledge, isn’t it anymore??? Is that KNOWLEDGE??? Is KNOL becoming a “bad” FORUM where any idiot can create a knol in the ONLY purpose to discredit any other author where people (can’t be authors anyw…


< time line


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