Copying other authors knol’s and comments and presenting them under its own name? That’s pretty lawless,and against TOS and any other rules… and I think seriously about to take action against it by law!!!

A “pseudonym” or “avatar” will not save that author(s) anonymity, once a complaint made then GOOGLE needs to give the responsible authorities the account information and that person(s) will be there where they belong, in front of a court and they have then to take their responsibilities as digital citizen and…

Hope that this message is clear enough and such lawless stuff disappears as quick as possible before any legal action will get taken!!!

Game over with such stupid, provocative and without responsibility publishing!!! Want to show that you are more intelligent than other persons? Make sure not to find the boomerang effect, LOL 😉

Or perhaps you are looking for that as a challenge? If so, this is the wrong place for a challenge, not with that weak brain, LOL 😉

And when you are such intelligent as you think, show your knowledge on your knols please. Looks to me as someone who was intelligent and now his brain is getting weak and not anymore possible to think normal 😦

You might have better to read about the license rights on the knol’s and also to respect authors “PRIVACY RIGHTS” for comments!!!

Es reicht jetzt, das Fass läuft über!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wer mit dem Feuer spielt…

Have a nice day and best regards,

time line


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