Most of discussions here are made by using KAF (The so called “Knol Author Foundation”) as shield of protection for some authors to hide behind that shield, the Knol Author Foundation, who has NO POWER AT ALL FOR AUTHORS! Let’s say this to clear up the situation!
NO GROUP has the right to influence any author as long as that author is creating valuable content and that his mentality is for the good and the BEST of KNOL!
BUT if a member of KAF is an “avatar” and is going against ALL TOS (Terms Of Service) that organization should try to think seriously about its reputation!!! And there is more than one member like that here on Knol Help Page from KAF who has more than one account, who doesn’t follow the TOS (Terms Of Service), privacy and other rules of KNOL!
KAF members are even trying to take over this Knol Help Page by using its little POWER, as they don’t have ANY POWER to do so. That is not their right anyway so…
Knol authors and readers need to know this, that is why I publish this… KAF’s actual attitude is not a good reputation for KNOL…
===> KAF clean up the pool of members who are speaking in your name, you are not anymore credible! <===
If you don’t have a committee as KS said then it would be better to have one and to tell your members what they are NOT ALLOWED to do πŸ˜‰
WHO is your committee anyway, tell us that! As a foundation you need to have a committee and show it, so that authors will know this!? And if so, please display the committee on your Knol pages…
Don’t have a committee? For which reason??? Is it legal, no committee for a world wide foundation??? Let me know please, a lot of questions which I want to get answered by a friendly reply please πŸ˜‰
Thanks to do so in advance…
===> Show all information about the laws (with links) of a ===> worldwide foundation <=== on your knols with links so that visitors are informed, give a screenshot of the official paper, show how serious you are by providing ALL information to the reader(s) <====
STOP hiding yourself behind the shield of KAF every time, you are not respecting any TOS, rules and whatever which you signed up to agree them anyway to become a member of KNOL and which you don’t not respect at all. And you said this by multiple comments to my posts and to some other authors posts!
===> And persons who are following a tree of trust should be aware that their members are respecting the TOS of KNOL <===
===> If these members are following a person on that ===>tree of trust <=== who is not respecting the TOS, privacy and other rules which they signed up on KNOL to respect them, one should ask about the credibility on the trusted members of that tree!!! <===
When signing up to what ever service on Internet this is similar to a signed contract in real life and this also by law! Remember this please, that’s REALITY!
An other question who followers of the “Tree of Trust” should ask themselves; do these members create also QUALITY? Do they represent the mentality of KNOL?
OR do they ONLY follow THEIR OWN INTERESTS? What’s behind, switch on your brain and think SERIOUSLY on that, even for new authors who are knocking on your door πŸ˜‰
PS: I am not against of “Tree of Trust”, BUT THE ACTUAL TREE OF TRUST, sorry no way to join in!
BTW: when somebody says “that’s a control freak”, that is meaning that the person who says that is a teen or a person who has no maturity and who is an anarchist, somebody who doesn’t respect anything, or maybe somebody who is giving up himself (too much of…)! πŸ˜‰
Like: everything is allowed and nothing is forbidden! Sounds like teen spirit isn’t it?
—> some music about that, so it isn’t that boring πŸ˜‰ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTWKbfoikeg
Have a nice day and best regards,

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