I am out of the knol of Knol Petition, I deleted my participation, strange isn’t it? I was the one who did the most efforts on publishing it on Social Media and I was actually the first member on following it and because of my good reputation other members followed it also…

But now, I don’t agree anymore on what is happening on the way how that knol is getting managed, sorry. The reasons are mentioned below in my other posts, some other authors did also cancel their participation… Will there be some more???

KS would like that, what are you waiting for? You are already following him (her), so give him (her) more satisfaction, he (she) is waiting for it anyway… Follow an “avatar”, an unknown, show how intelligent you are , LOL…

That is not serious what is happening on that knol, I can’t accept such things anymore, sorry… Bad for the petition as it will lose and has lost already TOP authors and more than 4 million page views from left authors, what a shame…

@KS you won, you made a good job, you got what you wanted, congratulations, LOL…

Hope that other authors will follow you and that you get what you want, the control of Knol, but you will not dominate me. If other authors are stupid enough to follow you, up to them….You got me out, victory for you…

Once again, congratulations KS, be happy, enjoy it, hat down. You and people who are following you make the future of KNOL… what a shame for Knol 😦

A future for avatars, a future for people who are not respecting any rules, nor TOS (Terms Of Service) and this by having accepted the KNOL TOS, anarchy… Are those people still be able to have a look on the mirror without getting ashamed about the face they see in there???

You must feel good now! The number of people who signed the petition is going down, that’s what you wanted anyway by your actions, what must this be for a good feeling for you and especially because I got out of it now also, hope you don’t get any health problems now because of all this good news for you…

I hope that other serious authors understood my message, will they???

@KS, any author who is following you should think seriously about what he (she) is doing, good luck for those authors 😉

BTW: don’t forget to copy this comment and to publish it on your knol, “unit of knowledge”, people would like to laugh more about such stupid publishing which you call “knol” as they do already, LOL … and I forgot nearly: as you did last time, don’t forget to shout “Halleluja” because of your victory!!!

That’s your victory because other authors don’t have the courage to say anything against you, what a shame, all slaves 😦 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72d5-xP5SnM

Message to authors. make KS happy 😉

Have a nice day and best regards,

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