Gust’s definition of a troll…
Anyone who does not consider Gust as the top knoller or anyone who has offended Gust is a troll..
Do you know what your problem is Mr. Mees or it Dr. Gust. Your mind is well educated while your brain is miseducated. Which is worse than being ignorant. Because an ignorant brain one can teach and fill with knoledge while a miseducated brain has a physically laid out neural network that is defective and generates an over confident emotionally challenged self image. So you think you are the star of the knol show and all those who see through your phony over importance, well they all have to be wrong and they are all trolls.

yes, GM did not get it .
he should have noticed that for several months knol no longer has the capability to share knowledge.
the good thing on knol was not the tos (terms of service), the good thing was that there was a community and still is on knol help (answering questions is a function of the community (communication) and not of the tos) .
Steve Jobs did mention the community on apple, Marc Zuckerberg did mention the community on face book, but Eric Schmidt (Larry Page, Sergey Brin) did not mention the community on knol . so knol failed and google+ will fail too.
and here social intelligence comes into play .
dear Gust, did you notice that Bill Strathearn made a subcomment, replying your comment, but you, replying the comment of SK, made a new comment, so that it is hard yet to find the answer of Bill .
that is NOT social .
===> looks like some people need still to learn a lot about social life <===

< .time line


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