KVSS (lost knol content)
KS (lost in translation)
KS (community law)

There is very good content on Knol. But a lot of it will not be migrated anywhere. We do not have time to migrate our knols. So we can’t migrate other knols. Today I came across one and posted it in my blog under creative commons
My weekly blogging challenge entry today.
Total quality marketing

there are many knols which are linking or which are linked to other knols .
if we cannot rename them, this linking is lost .
and even if there are new url’s, we cannot rename everything by hand, so it’s lost too .

by making ‘daily comments’ on knol help we can show that we are a team .
if we can show that we are a team, others will join us .
so we become bigger and better .
the bigger and better we are, the more will join us .

can you make ‘2012-03-22: daily comments’ ?

time line


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