google gold

This is a translation of google gold with the help of
(refactored by Sajid Khan) 

The problem or issue, which is raised here is today’s financial crisis .
What can we do and more specifically what can google do?My proposal :
We can invent a monetary unit whose value would remain constant and would not be subject toeither inflation or deflation .
Partial or grit: A = 2B, B = 2C, C = 2D … (we start the pan with A (the units upto Z could bedesignated with /A, /B, /C, .. like wise) .
Every country in the world could then create a google gold account and convert its national currency into google gold .

Getting started :
The first google gold owner (ie google itself), splits the original unit A into 2 B and sells the B’s by auction . The B holder(s) can then split each B into 2 C and put these up for auction… and so on, until every one in the world has their own-account deposits.Those who have none, will soon no longer have universally accepted cash available (as long as google gold is scarce, it may not be profitable to hoard and once it is purchased, it must be released back to the auction) .
Thus cashless payment transactions amongst the google gold holders can occur, and so create an economic cycle. While leaving the total amount (A) unchanged (which has no interest and no debt) thus as there is no interest involved there will be no incentive to hoard this cashless currencey . Only in specific circumstances will some google gold holders indulge in hoarding .
Lending will be purely a matter of trust, and there will be no incentive for google to collect the debt .
Google provides a free mechanism for which the charge involved can take care of the payment .
Google is not obliged to convert back google gold to any nation’s national currency .
Those who’s account assets are no longer wanted, these assets can be sold after market hours (the only way for others to get their own-account balances (see getting started) .

Who will  benefit most from this and how ?
Those who buy google gold first would benefit most, especially if they sell it fast and buy it back as quickly as possible, because while not all will have the same account, the original grain size (1 / 1) is more and more refined (2 / 2 , 4 / 4, 8 / 8, …) which will bring profit for each grain .

Also google can consider :
Later, when every body has an account, we will have a completely stable, reliable, honest and simple payment process, thus benefiting all society .

The best outcome would be if google would return the power and influence of google gold back to the people  and thus help build a genuine democratic world. ( personal google guide )

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