a cohesive knowledge network

How can we have cutting edge education accesability for more people?’

This is a translation of google2

We can replace the current internet structure with a general link language,
just as it was envisioned by the inventors of the internet .
Everyone should have the option of deciding the connection,
where his contributions (articles, mails, comments and so on) should be linked.
We need to start by (as is obvious) a system of symbolic logic.
For instance: three knols will be summarized under the label “i/o”  as follows:

*1:  knol1 · knol2  (first link)
*2:  *1 · knoll3  (second link)
*3:  i/o ” *2  (third link)
*1:  knol1· knol2
*2:  knol1 · knol3
*3:  *1 | *’2
*4:  i/o ” *3
The backward pointer are automatically created:
kno1:  *1  (first variant)
knol1:  *1, *2  (second variant)
knol2:  *1
knol3:  *2
i/o:  *3
*1:  *2
*2:  *3

Thus through the combination of links we get tree structures
and thereby create a semantic web in which we can move quite naturally (like the brain works with synapses).
Where all data would be placed in a common structure.
There will be, as I said, no more multiple services (mail, guestbook, blog, wiki, knol …),
and where there will be no difference between data and program,
the only difference being in different links.
For this we will need a browser, which understands and uses these structures intelligently and clearly,
such as:
input:  i/o
output:  knol1 · knol2 · knol3
or in the second instance: knol1 · knol2 | knol3

This browser can, in fact, after getting the information, come just from google (chrome2:)),
because only google can ensure sufficient memory; in which, with the help of the browser youmay generate, analyze or apply the described structures . This will also allow lots of intelligent programs, which under the current system are not possible .

Children would benifit the most as they would no longer need schools.
They would need to learn the link language and thus be able to train themselves.
There would no longer be rigid social structures (in which the people fall prey to the usual mechanisms of social domination).
And even co-determine the context (as you can link everything possible).
Language will become easy to learn and understand by the entire world .
Specifically looking for meaning, without generating garbage .

The results could be measured by the richness of the emerging links and by the frequency of usage. It can even be measured by the intensity of involement.

some english knols, 2014-08-30


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