men in black


let us come to the point .
i think, this is a real -2 situation, isn’t it ?
you are like an embryo with a self image of being omnipotent and omnipresent, even though you are totally helpless . we are like a womp because this situation is our situation too .
what can we do ?
we can bring you in a +1/-1 situation . you shurely are our greatest knoller .
your communication with or without MM is typical for the situation of the group .
i had to think on the film “men in black” . we are the aliens and the knol-teamer are the men in black ;-)
why not make a knol about this ? you can make the knol and i’ll copy your communication here into it .
then we can link it in the top of our board (done) and everyone can read it and it will really become a top knol .

Thanks for your prompt reply through email. Thanks also for giving me the opportunity to get this stuff out of my system.


MMN has explained through email.


KH says that the knols were axed due to a computer glitch and they are now back in Dummies compitition. And the star rating is given by the alogrithim. They have no controll over it.
I have had a life long problem with main stream science.
Only when you have a PhD you have a license to speak on the deep mysteries of life.
And even if you do get to be heard you have to package the truth that you have found in strict scientific standards or no one is going to pay any attention.
Well knol has given us a chance to say it as we want to say it.
Science is the search for truth. Science has to adapt to uncover the truths of life.
Science has to change in regards to how it accepts the uncovered truths.
And if the truth is uncovered through common sense then science must
accept the truth wrapped in common sense terms and I should not have to unwrap and discard the common sense covering and rewrap it in scientific terms. What do you think?
As to this being a -2 situation well it is situations like this that allows us to turn the -2 situation into a +2 situation. As this discussion is possible only because of the -2 situation!
As for turning this discussion into a knol you please do it .
Use this stuff as you like. You are the best!
In all this MMN has been very helpful. I think he wants discussions like these to occur more frequently.

< some-english-knols/


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