new debate

Humanity is not a category apart (independent) from the animal kingdom. Humans are themselves part of the animal frame, not a category apart.

yes, in the same way as animality is not apart (independent) from the vegetational kingdom . animals are themselves part of the vegetation frame, not a category apart.

You like to talk dribble don’t you.
While humans are definitely animals (part of the animal world), not a category apart – you have to do a little better than that to convince the world that animal and vegetation are categorically the same, other than sharing ‘life form’ status.
Animals are not vegetation. And vegetation’s are hardly animals.

you got it :-)
vegetation has a body life . animals have a body and a soul . humans have a boby, a soul and a spirit .
humans are not animals . and animals are hardly humans .

Soul and spirit are not words I am willing to entertain as real words.
And humans are animals.

if you can feel (yourself) you have a soul . if you can think symbolic, you have a spirit .
scientists could not tell you, what feeling and thinking is . they masure only the shadows of the reality, because their instruments can not feel and think .
you surely know plato’s cave parable . you only see the shadows . a dog, though it is not human, lives more in reality than you .

A dog may more than likely live in more reality than you, but not me bro.
And all what you say are riddles, no foundation of conviction accompanying it.
I don’t entertain riddles and play on language.
I deal with facts that can be broken down to true perspective. That is why I don’t entertain words like ‘soul’ and ‘spirit’ as viable language (real words).

:-) hehe,
the good message is, that we (THE TEAM) like strange animals such as you are .
tell us more about your insights .

You waste yourself.
And have little or nothing to teach to anyone and certainly nothing of relevance to teach to someone like me.
You just like to play on the liberties of a bent system made out for the man off the street to pretend they are what they do not have to ever be.
And that is to be a philosopher.
But you talk shit and bulldoze your way through promoting your petty level of intelligence as of worthwhile status that is in a position to cope with laying down the rule of world ideology.
In short you’re an idiot who is on a constant look out to frustrate the shit out of everyone. Seeking the sort of retaliation of this comment so they can run to Spiros or whoever is monitoring this to get them ticked off.
What are you anyway? What is your line?
My line is that I have numerous books I have written that support all I say. I know what I am talking about. What are your credentials?

:-) hehe.
you really still write books ?
do you live in the 19th century ?
please learn to write knols, so we can communicate like real humans
instead of making bonobo dances .

Whats with the straw hat?
Is that your scarecrow impression or Van Gogh revisited?
And is that a laugh or an impression of your wife when she sees you naked?

Kalle has something to teach. Hitler proclaimed the same virtues minus the straw hat. Unfounded proclaimed virtues that led to a world war and the slaughter of millions.
Like Kalle Hitler wanted to play philosopher and give us his interpretation (version) of what Nietzsche implied by the ‘Superman’.
Now Kalle has also something to teach.
You all got to get one thing in perspective first. And that is what does relevant adequacy look like before assuming that Kalle has anything to teach and putting up his name in lights no less as of relevant competence that can make a viable contribution.
So what are his claim to relevant competence. A philosopher doesn’t quite work how you all assume it does and no one in his right mind would let Kalle loose on problems of philosophy.
And the words ‘soul’ and ‘spirit’ Kalle are inventions of religion not real words.
The inclusion of Kalle in the equation does little if you want to be taken seriously.
The guy is an idiot.

That is all I have to say.
And is either Kalle or me. Make your choice. And since I know what the choice will be then enjoy the immature crap and riddles Kalle will serve up.
If you want any credibility lose Kalle’s name from the above list otherwise you really don’t need me around anymore.

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