primal therapy II

this is a translation of primärtherapie
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In his book “The primal” Janov insured, to cure neuroses with the primary therapy. He uses the word “cure” to describe the effect of primary therapy, a word that in psychotherapy otherwise is simply avoided. This reluctance has good reason: A flu or a knife cut can heal, that is after the injury, the status quo can be restored. Such a definition of healing, restoration of the normal state of health – is in fact the only possible kind, to understand the concept of healing. You can “be cured” only determine if you have an idea of the healthy state. For precisely this reason, the word in psychotherapy is rarely used, because, the “healthy” mental condition universally observed is practically impossible. (At least in the context of empirical anthropology that finding it is impossible.) When a psychotherapist ever used the word “healing” he says only the disappearance of a specific symptom. But because the “cure” in this sense can only refer to a person, the use of the word is really unjustified.

Janov consciously takes claim of this difficult and challenging concept.In a logical point of view he is also completely entitled to it because he describes the state of “health”  to whom the “healing” refers to. Healthy in Janovs view is the “sentient” person who by his primary experiences breaks down his primal pain and no longer possesses defenses. In a later book, he promises the participant in a primary therapy logically also be a “new consciousness”, and he believes that it in a world of “sentient” people neither war nor crime would be.

The term “neurosis” expands in a manner which would only be described as religious. The neurotic defense is in this perspective, the ultimate evil, the source of all evil in the world. The participants in a primary therapy escapes all this (unless is possible in a “neurotic” society ) if we believe Janovs commitment. The promise of “healing” and the promise of a “new consciousness” are so inextricably linked : without the philosophical claim it is impossible to heal, and without healing the new consciousness can not arise. Therefore you have to accept the theory. if you want to be “cured” by primary therapy. I have some time believed that we could detach the cure chance from the ideology, but this mistake was later corrected: Discarding Janov’s or a similar belief, also shrinks the cure promises to offer a new simple psychological technique. The way to a sober examination is open, and this test gives a bit flattering (albeit scientifically exciting) results. Who is ideologically bound, does not check, and who searches after a new awareness, do not ask for medical statistics successes. The ideology shields from any disappointment, and the effect is that the “therapy” is endlassly. (This is a striking example of the dependence of the feelings of the mind, or if you have this word mistrusted by the intellectual content. Janov and that this is honestly stated, and many other depth psychologists see only the reverse dependence of the reflection of the feelings. )

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