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7/12 KS

i got it now .
when the prof. was writing 7/11 KVSS @ SK , he was his true self .
when SK was writing : “Our current discussion is what I have been wanting for a long time
he was his true self .
and while i am writing this, i am my true self .
because this is true communication .
now, what can we do with our true self ?
we can make a true team .
when we invited A , the team was its true self .
when we invited SKS , the team was its true self .
if we are really together , we are our true self .

7/12 KVSS @ SK

Thanks for your patient answers.

I shall get into them once again. Immediately, they are not my fields of enquiry. But you keep bringing me back. They are useful fields. I hope some more knol authors join you in this endeavor of developing philosophy or science of wisdom or even some sensible writing that at one day may become rigorous philosophy or science.

7/11 SK @ KVSS

One of the most beautiful results of the Forum is that perfect strangers become friends for life. People who share their sorrows and realize that they are in the same emotional boat develop an emotional kinship. Unlike with a shrink where you are aware that he is charging you money; crying on the shoulders of many is a selfless and unique experience. You go into the workshop bottled up and you come out relieved.
What is the brain and what is its fragrance?

The brain is an organ of the body. Its function is to make man know, understand and become his true potential; to understand life and everything in it. Just as a flowers function is to have a fragrance. It is the brain’s function to have intelligence. This intelligence is of two types. Regular which determines the knowledge level of the person and emotional intelligence which determines the emotional maturity of the person. In most people the intelligence level is a mixture of the lowest and highest levels of intelligence. I am focusing on making mankind aware that certain values that we cultivate in our children do their brains emotional and physical harm. Imagine America with a majority of people who are selfless unlike today when most are burdened with a trophy self image. Unwittingly creating trophy self image in our own child burdens the child with lots of unhealthy consequences.

Just as fragrance is an automatic quality of a flower, intelligence is an automatic quality of the brain. The level of intelligence will be different in different individuals but it will always be there.

What is the development of the brain?

Development of the brain means changes in the brain through education of the brain.
Development of the brain is the physical and emotional changes of the brain towards more and more maturity through regular education and through emotional intelligence education. It is essential that we focus on developing the brain in the right direction on both fronts. There is such a thing as right (super mature) education and even education I have quantified into -2, -1, +1 and +2. America mainly teaches +1 education so the American brain mostly develops to +1.

What is the difference between intelligence and knowledge?
Intelligence is the capacity/quality/function of the brain to know, understand and comprehend life and everything in it. Knowledge is what we can call organized information regarding life and everything in it. The level of intelligence determines the capacity to understand knowledge.

Both concepts are related to the brain of a person?

Intelligence is what determines the quality of the brain’s function and the knowledge level does the same. However it is the intelligence level of the brain that determines how much knowledge the person can comprehend. Thus intelligence level is more crucial. What use is knowledge if one cannot understand it? Both are related to the brain, intelligence is part of the brain and it determines the level at which the brain will function. Knowledge is just as important for correct knowledge will result in successful results and incorrect knowledge will result in bad results.

Emotional knowledge in the early stages of life determines the emotional intelligence of the person. Thus knowledge and intelligence are close determinants of the brain. Emotional knowledge level will determine the emotional intelligence level; thus both are dependent on each other in shaping the quality of the brain.

When do you call a person sub normally intelligent?

When his intelligence level lacks the capacity to live a normal life. However normal itself is a matter of opinion. I have been saying that our so called normal society is currently sub normal.

When is a person super intelligent?

When he has a brain that perceives actual reality just as it is. When he knows, understands and is his true self. When he is a master of the ropes of his life and is a master of his chosen life, including his profession.

When is a person wise?

When he has developed his emotional and physical brain to its full capacity. When his brain functions at the super mature intelligence level. When he has a brain that perceives actual reality just as it is. When he knows, understands and is his true self. When he is a master of the ropes of his life and is a master of his chosen life, including his profession. Super intelligence = wisdom = real self = self master = pure humanness = full actualized human potential = The Buddha in us = The Christ in us = the true me = the true you.

Emotional intelligence is only one aspect of the brain.

Yes, indeed emotional intelligence is only one aspect of the brain. The brains main function is to run the body like the heart and lungs. Its other function is to help the person live his life and makes sense of it.

You can not say at high levels it is wisdom.

The qualities of an emotionally super intelligent brain and a wise brain are exactly the same. And they are both the same as that of a fully developed and actualized self. All of them are the one and same entity. All three are selfless, the fundamental quality of a wise person.

Wisdom is like there is a gold mine in your back yard ( in your brain potential ). It is your parents, mentors and teachers who can dig it up (actualize it) for you. Through their nurturing they can refine the gold ore (wisdom potential) and make it possible for you to have and make full use of pure gold (wisdom).

You are taking a recent popular topic and blowing it up without adequate conceptual foundation.

I think I am not being able to stress fully the importance of emotional intelligence in the lives of individuals, groups and countries. Take the example of America itself. Most people here are emotionally over stressed. The consumption of tranquilizers here is the highest in the world. Look at the mess in our India. Corruption is a way of life. At least part of this tragedy can be traced to our lack of emotional intelligence education. In huge parts of the world life is -1 because the group emotional intelligence is -1!. In America life is mostly +1 because the group emotional intelligence is +1. In spite of all the economic progress and all the luxuries of life, a vast majority has to pop in pills to sleep and ease the restlessness in our American brains. And the cycle continues and will continue until we can wake up to the root cause of lack of wisdom education. No amount of stressing will be out of proportion. Just imagine a +2 world run on +2 brain power! As I said wisdom is like there is a gold mine in our own back yard but unless we are aware of it and we take steps to mine it for our selves and especially for our children; It will remain untapped. Suppose it was discovered that in your neighborhood one of the back yards had a gold mine. Imagine the excitement in your entire neighborhood and beyond. Yet our own wisdom mine is real and instead of tapping it we continue to life our lives in part emotional poverty.

The bigger problem is that the brain cannot work in a vacuum. The brain runs on intelligence. Just like the body requires blood, the brain requires intelligence, especially emotional intelligence. Lack of wisdom, that is lack of +2 intelligence means there has to be +1, -1 or -2 intelligence or a most likely mixture of these levels. Thus life can be perfumed with wisdom or it can be covered partly in stink/ignorance. And stinkiness costs us not just in terms of happiness it affects the over all quality of life in every respect. It even affects group/country behavior.
Thus if emotional intelligence education is taken care of it produces the bounties of life and life on earth is heaven and if it is neglected it takes its emotional and physical toll which is reflected in all aspects of life.
Your passion to make more people wise is commendable.

It is not like I am trying to create something that is not already there. It is just that I am trying to wake up the world to something that is potentially already there. It is like we have a gold mine and we use the ore without fully refining it.
But conceptual structure on which you want to do it is very weak.

The conceptual structure is weak indeed because there is still too much fuzziness about the very nature of wisdom. However from the earliest times it is amazing that the first prophet Zarathustra had it well figured out that there are just two forces in nature. Good and evil. He described them as ignorance and wisdom! However he made the same mistake, he described wisdom by its attributes. So from the very beginning the long hard and almost impossible quest to find ways to cultivate the attributes of wisdom started. Every philosopher and scientist that followed took the same path to cultivating wisdom. As cultivating wisdom through cultivating its attributes does not succeed the world finally got tired. However the religious prophets did not give up this quest and prophets like the Buddha and the Christ gave us the wisdom path through code. The Buddha figured out the road to wisdom through selflessness and the Christ figured it out through love. Above all the Torah and the Bible gave us the best clue again in code when it describes the answer of Gd to Moses, ‘I am who I am’.

The good part is that the importance of wisdom is very well recognized and again we have some very serious research going on on wisdom, like at the Berlin Institute. I think one of the problems is that we try to figure out what is wisdom through the work of philosophers and scientists and we ignore the contributions of the religious prophets. I think the prophets have contributed much more to wisdom then the other two. My own research takes the clues from any and all sources. I try to figure out wisdom from the concepts of philosophers, scientists and the prophets and I feel that main stream science must do the same.
Let us think over the issues.

Our current discussion is what I have been wanting for a long time. Thanks.

7/11 KVSS @ SK

What is brain and what is its fragrance? What is the development of the brain? What is the difference between intelligence and knowledge? Both concepts are related to the brain of a person? When do you call a person subnormally intelligent? When is a person super intelligent? When is a person wise?

Emotional intelligence is only one aspect of brain. You can not say at high levels it is wisdom. You are taking a recent popular topic and blowing it up without adequate conceptual foundation. Your passion to make more people wise is commendable. But conceptual structure on which you want to do it is very weak. Let us think over the issues.

7/10 SK @ KS

As I said primal theraphy is built up on Freud’s work. My collegue Warrner Erhard took it even further, he introduced theraphy right in front of whole crowds. And I have seen, it works, it works better because you take out your EBG in the middle of others who have similar repressed grief to share. It was called Est. Now it is called ‘The Forum’. It is a 4-6 day group workshop of crying, screaming and laughing together. When I first took their 4 day workshop I was so impressed that I became a volenteer and worked organizing workshops and raising money for them for years. I even took many more courses including the innitial course to become a ‘forum leader’.  I just googled ‘The Forum’ and this is what came up:

So it is now called ‘The Landmark Forum’ and if you want a quick fix of your EBG this is a good place to start.

7/10 SK @ KVSS

“It is better to characterize wisdom as super intelligence in multiple spheres applied properly by a person to certain important pursuits of physical or spiritual affairs of mankind” – your quote gives a good clue that wisdom can be described as super intelligence in multiple spheres. This is the same old, same old way of trying to cultivate and describe wisdom by its attributes. Wisdom is a tree, it is a single entity. It is an all or not much reality. And it is generated by the actual physical and emotional quality of the brain. You cultivate and nurture the brain and wisdom will sprout automatically. If you are selfless then everything else, all the other attributes of wisdom will be there too. Try to cultivate super intelligence in one sphere without the whole wisdom tree is like trying to cultivate a mango without the mango tree. Why do you think main stream education has more or less abandoned the official teaching of wisdom? Because they tried and tried to teach individual super intelligences and found it almost impossible. Their failure and frustration in teaching individual attributes led them to the conclusion that it is impossible to teach the attributes of wisdom. This is exactly what I am trying to wake up the world to: it is impossible to teach the attributes because these are the fruits of the wisdom tree.  No one can produce a mango without the mango tree. The world can keep trying to teach super intelligences individually but there will be little success. The secret of wisdom is that wisdom is the fragrance of the brain. Only when the focus and all efforts are shifted to cultivating and nurturing the brain will the world succeed in making wisdom common.Starting from the womb stage the inner experiences of the outside reality physically changes the brain and the brain generates its own electro-chemical reactions/actions that determine set patterns of perceptions. The chief being it creates a self image, image of others and of how things are in the world. We develop a set pattern of personal reality that determines our individual perceptions of actual reality.

How much we are ignorant of our true self that much we are ignorant of wisdom, that much we are ignorant of the humanness in us, the Christ in us, the Buddha in us. You can personify wisdom exactly as the scriptures have been saying all along – as the Christ. Cultivating Christ is an all or nothing reality/truth. You have to cultivate the whole essence of Christ! Imagine cultivating one part of Christ or one part of humanness. No wonder cultivating one attribute at a time has not worked since the ancient times.

You cannot say to some one to be truthful and honest while his brain continues to generate selfishness powered by electrochemical reactions. It is these very physical and real electrochemical reactions that have to be eliminated. It is the physical reality/quality of an ignorance generating brain that has to be changed. Asking or pleading with a physically and emotionally ignorant brain to stop generating the wrong electrochemical reactions is almost like telling a dirty bed sheet to clean itself! It will never happen.

(to be continued) {You gave me an idea, next I am going to write a knol, ‘The importance of my work, ignore it at your own peril and at the peril of the whole world!}

Emotional intelligence describes the level of wisdom. There are just two basic forces in nature when it comes to emotional intelligence – ignorance and wisdom. Emotional intelligence describes the level of ignorance, the level of wisdom and/or the mixture of the two. Pure wisdom is the highest stage of emotional intelligence.

7/9 KS

first of all primal therapy review shows, that what SK is calling garbage, is a psychical defense, an armour against the attacks of life . the question is : is it possible to get rid of this armour without getting rid of the the attacks of life ? in the long run the answer seems : no ! (it’s like be naked in the winter)
but if we understand the team as a social womb we may ask : is it possible to get rid of this armour in our knol life ? and in the long run the answer seems : yes ! (our very own SK may show us how we can practise his method in our knol life)

7/7 SK

I have tried to explain wisdom from as many angles as possible. Wisdom affects every single life. Either being present in actualized form or in an unactualized form or as as mixture of the two.
On the bulletin board PG has suggested that ‘we should merge all national days into one as a first step to merge all nations into one’. Consider a ‘united/one world day’. This means we will try to make the whole world into one country. This will mean savings in defense spending, no more wars, elimination of world hunger and a lot of good progress. Now consider introducing the wisdom factor by celebrating, ‘Wisdom Day’. Wisdom day will make individuals, countries and groups become aware of the essential wisdom factor that is missing from relationships, whether it is between within families, between families, neighbors, different groups, different countries. And above all the wisdom factor will affect each individuals own relationship with his own self. Consider ‘Peace Day’: you can try all you will but real peace will never happen if the wisdom factor is missing. Consider ‘happiness day’, without the wisdom factor happiness will remain a struggle. Consider any other day and think out the current level of the wisdom factor and you can imagine where it will take us. By making the wisdom factor the real factor in our lives we can make most other factors fall in line to our satisfactions. Wisdom day is a day that can contain the theme of every other day. Whether it is ‘peace day’ or ‘one world day’ without the wisdom factor it will remain a struggle. Thus I feel that wisdom day is the mother of all days. Maybe the theme at our KAF conference can be ‘Wisdom Day’?
I have put this posting in the form of a knol; ‘The Wisdom factor’. All those who agree with me please put your comment on this knol so that I can invite you as co-author.

6/26 SK

There is a lot of new stuff that I am saying but as far as cleaning the brain is concerned there is nothing new.
It is like all the ingredients are already there I am just trying to remix them to make a new better version of the same old, same old.  Taking science forward traditional scientists try to research and improve knowledge that is within the paradigm of science. Thus traditional science researching wisdom will stick to using knowledge from the recognized mind science only. But the reality is that religion and culture have all contributed to the knowledge base of wisdom, especially the eastern cultures of India, China and Sufism.

All the brain/mind therapies can be traced to Freud’s method, which can be traced all the way to yoga, meditation and even the Buddha’s mindfulness! Even my concept of womb-conditioning is kind of mentioned in the Gita, the 5000 BC Indian scriptures.

6/26 SK @ KVSS

Yes, primal therapy is a practical and effective way of removing EBG (emotional brain garbage ) from the brain. All the practical versions of psychotherapy help in cleaning up the brain to lessen and remove the playing of the broken emotional records. I have said this again and again that wisdom education is helping clean the brain of emotional baggage. What primal therapy aims to do is make people normal. What I am saying is that the so called normal is really sub normal and that the same process that is used to make people normal must be continued to make people super normal. Current emotional healing emphasizes managing ones emotions. I am saying lets make the brain +2 super mature; why leave it at so called normal when we can continue to the +2 level. No wonder I call my self – Wisdom(brain) coach.

Just as I have researched wisdom and developed my wisdom hypothesis based on science, religion, tradition and culture I am saying lets combine all the different schools of psychotherapy as well as mindfulness, invented by the Buddha, along with the Sufi traditions and our Hindu yoga etc. I have a knol on this called, ‘Contextual Mindfulness’. One of the criticism against primal therapy is that it is unable to bring up into consciousness the deeply buried EBG. Well if you combine all the different techniques from all the above mentioned traditions then it is possible to make all buried EBG conscious.

One of the biggest hurdles to my wisdom education is that science considers so called basic human nature as part of our being human. It is considered as part of our natural infrastructure; as a factor of our genes. As a result main stream science tries to educate us to manage our natural animal nature. Thus management is the highest level of education. Management leaves EBG in the brain. It just helps us learn to control the EBG generated traits of human nature. It is like instead of getting rid of the beast we learn to control the beast. It is amazing many of us follow cleanliness as a religion yet we live with garbage in our brains!

I have a simple hypothesis that states that human nature is at least partly learned in the womb. See my knols on ‘Human Nature’. And what is learned can be unlearned. Thus for me managing human nature is not enough. I am recommending unconditioning the brain of the affects of ‘womb-conditioning’[W-C] (the affects of nine long months of the womb-reality/W-R {womb-environment} on the emotional and physical brain). The various sciences of management must be elevated to the science of ‘Becoming’. Each individual must be made free of his/her ‘W-R’ oriented brain. As the Bible says It is all about becoming the Christ that is potentially there in each one of us. I say that the aim of emotional intelligence/wisdom education must become to uncondition the brain from the affects of W-C and the affects of a negative upbringing!

6/26 KS @ SK & KVSS

my question to SK : is this relevant to our discussion ?
i think, it’s exactly the same as you write in your knols .
if yes, we can look on the given review to see if there are critical remarks .
by discussing them we can make us an opinion .


< some-english-knols/


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