numbers in history

India : zero (Nirvana)
Israel : one (Jahwe)
China : two (Yin and Yang)
Egypt: three (Divine Triade)
Greece : four (Four Elements)
Rome : five (V (hand))
Europe : 10
America : million (Millionaire)
Google : 10^100
Knol : infinite (Cloud Computing)

SK (2010-02-05)
India and Zero
Humbleness and selflessness are what defines the very essence of an Indian being. Many times throughout Indian mythology even the Almighty took human form as a simple human being and went through life struggling to survive just like any other being. It is like the all powerful omnipotent being choose a life of zero significance to emphasize the importance of all life. Rich or poor, powerful or helpless life is life so much so that even a life of little significance is fit for the gods! No wonder India invented the zero. It was long time coming.

Israel and One.
While most nations started with confusion and several number of Gds Israel was very clear about there being just the one and only Gd, from the very beginning. While all other groups are divided into several nations the Jewish nation is only one. They may be scattered around the world but they is all just one as a nation. The world will be a better place if we expanded their concept to make all the groups into one nation.

China and Two
China has shown us clearly that there is always two sides to every issue. From night and day to good and evil.
We have a choice to make this world a better place or worse.

America and Millionaire
It was thought that to be full time after money was due to man’s greediness. It was not considered respectable to devote ones life to become richer and richer. America made it respectable to pursue money for its own sake. For most humans we do not rise to the level of selflessness. And our core nature is to become the best in all respects. America streamlined our basic desires into a guilt free life of the pursuit of happiness through wealth.

KS (2010-02-07)
how can we make all the groups one nation ?
I think we have to start with india .
humbleness and selflessness are what defines the very essence of a knol being
(better : knol star being)
the question is how to make zero to one .
and the answer is
zero to one = 0 2 1
one is between two zeros or between two points (human is between birth and death) .
communication is between two persons (KS 2 SK) .
we are zeros unless we have the same mind (1) .

names-numbers-trees-visions/, 2014-06-27 @ UB


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