bulletin board 2012

together we own the world
to connect us, make a personal board and let us know .

bulletin board 2014

KS (9/7)
if there is a link, there should be a back link . you linked to this page from your ‘bulletin and promotion board’ . to get the back link click on the image .

KS (9/4)
would be nice to have Mr. Sajid Khan on our bulletin board, so we can respond in the right way to develop more contacts and relations.

KVSS (9/1)
Met Mr. Sajid Khan at Mumbai. Nice to meet people, whom we came across through internet, personally and shake hands with them. Digital communications made more interaction possible among the people on a global basis. And people are also responding in the right way to develop more contacts and relations.

KVSS (8/20)
Decide to focus less on blog writing and take up some other activity. But still keep coming back to blogs to update them. Presently collecting 80 videos that are of use in learning English.
Learn English – Hour Long Lessons 6- 10 – Videos

KVSS (7/24)
Top Knols of Narayana Rao – Now available as blog posts – compilation going on

KVSS (7/22)
London Olympics Blogging Project

KVSS (7/21)
Started a project Blogging Challenge for the day.
Provides topic ideas to bloggers and then provide a place to share their post links

KS (7/8)
yes, I thought, you are no longer writing here .

KVSS (7/1)
Got a new idea today. Started Knowledge History – Science, Engineering and Management project.
It will be developed on a day basis and month basis.
1 July Knowledge History – Science, Engineering and Management

KVSS (6/29)
Hello, I am still struggling with so many articles to post and so many links to change. Most of the articles have broken links now. But I am getting into new projects also. Like some Japanese learning and related articles.

30 June is Social Media Day.
Greetings to all Social Media Community Members.

KS (6/15)
whuffie accounts
if you agree I’ll put your auction whuffies again on the K auction, as I will do with HB, SK, UB .

KS (6/3)
back- and forward

KVSS (6/2)
Interesting idea of the day is learning Japanese Kanji. Made some blog posts on it. There are good and useful pages.
japanese kanji characters grade-1

KS (5/30)
my pages have a leave a reply block, but my articles have not .
seems I have to confirm a reply before it is shown .

KVSS (5/29)
Finding it difficult to transfer knols to blogs. Busy at the office also in this month. I am not able to locate this leave a reply block in others posts. Do they need to specially switch it on?

KS (5/6)
we need to use google+ to tell the people that google+ is down 😉
that means, we need a new web, a one for all and all for this one,
a web for the next thousand years, our own web : the cloud
SK can make a personal board and link it to your board .
you then can look for interesting posts and write them on your board and I will look on your board and write interesting thoughts on this page .
we then have a tree of trust with respect to contents .

KVSS (5/6)

KS (5/2)
my knol book .
I have to struggle too, to bring it into shape .
reading it again, I found some interesting points (mostly in the german parts) .

KVSS (5/1)
Life without Knol has begun. I have to modify many knol books. Today I modified the book on DBMS.
Two chapters only I could modify.It will take a lot of time to locate and change links in these knol books.
But I like the idea of knol books and I shall put in efforts to bring them into shape.

KS (4/29)
very well . we can give permanent links on the top of our personal board .
if you click on the image above, you get a list of the boards .

KVSS (4/21)
My post in Knol Help Page
Thank you and Best Wishes to all.
We are approaching the last day. We can not interact on Knol anymore. Of course once or twice, I shall post more in this forum. I hope most of the active authors migrated their content. But still there is lot of content that is not migrated. There is time till 1 October 2012 to migrate the content.
As an author who posted around 6000 items, and also as I decided to move to Blogger, I could migrate so far around 1500 knols through redirects. I am able to get around two-thirds of page views in my new location. May be as I post more items by 1 October, my page views will improve. We did face some inconveniences on Knol and we are a part of the abandoned project also. But still personally, this experience has benefited me on the overall. I thank all members of the Knol project. Angry discussions related to aspects or quantity, quality and performance are OK. They made us think and modify our activities and improve. Let us be friends wherever we meet online or offline. Best wishes to all.
I request all Knol authors to make effort to inform others their new location through this forum, Google+ or Twitter or any other means. My main blogs that are having migrated knols are:
Management Theory Review
MBA Course Knowledge Center
MBA – India Specific Knowledge Center
Industrial Engineering Knowledge Center
Blog Books – Online Textbooks – Catalogue
India – Information – News, Features and Essays
NRao Blogs
Look forward to interesting interaction
With best regards

link language :
if our comments are too long, we can make articles of them and give the link .

KVSS (4/14)
It is possible to have a list of the 700,000+ Knols posted.
What will be its use? I do not know. But may be I can see all the knols that I posted date wise and give the new links. If some knol authors want to they can also give the links if I can post the total database. But it will take a long long time. I spent around 3 to 4 hours today to post around 6 lists.
Knols Posted on 24 July 2008 -24-7-2008
Knols Posted 23 July 2008 – 23-7-2008 Part Last

perhaps google can make a knol archive, where the contents and the links are still readable .
a list of all knols then may be a useful function .

KVSS (4/13)
Updated the top blogs pages
Top BlogSpot Blogs
Top Tumblr Blogs
Top WordPress Blogs

hope our links will work (a click on the image gives you the local boards) .

KVSS (4/11)
You wrote
“to connect us, make a personal board and let us know”
What is a personal board?

a personal board (e.g. http://knol2.wordpress.com/a/sieben-sachen/my-personal-board/)
is a page where you can write something and I will forward it (on a daily base, if possible) to a page I called ‘motherboard’ (https://knol2.wordpress.com/a/sieben-sachen/motherboard/)
we can also call it bulletin board (you just gave me that idea (this page :)) .
thanks for asking .

KS (4/10)
2012-04-01 ,  IBM Professor Einstein

KS (4/8)
2012-04-07 , 2012-04-08

sieben-sachen/knol-bulletin-board, p-tree


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