discussion solves everything (7)

@ SK (2011-11-27)
you want to force people to their happiness,
but that does not work in our virtual online world.
always saying to people: “you are all sick”
does not make one of them healthy.
you often tell us, what is not ok .
that is not ok .
tell us what is ok .
that is ok .
get first the trust of the people,
only then you are entitled to also criticize them .

This is the huge problem: when I say that our brains are emotionally challenged we take it as our whole self is crazy. The whole self is not crazy and the problem is just in a small part of the brain, which can be fixed. By ignoring this fact look at what is happening to the world. All these current ills including the economic mess is due to emotionally challenged brains. By ignoring an illness or not understanding an illness the illness will keep hurting us.
When we have hundreds of courses for intelligence why can’t we have just one course for emotional intelligence?
Let me give you an example. When the European Common Market was created it was indeed a grand and visionary achievement. The management/intelligence part of it was well figured out. The emotional intelligence part was neglected. As a result this current mess was bound to happen. I am predicting that even if countries are bailed out for some more time eventually the inevitable will happen…The Euro will break up or change into a multilayer currency.

@ SK
the euro is obsolet . we will soon have a world currency and the struggle is about how this world currency will look like (there can be only one) .
but you are right : the conflict is between our left and right hemisphere (management intelligence and emotional intelligence) .
and this is what I wanted to say .
management intelligence works by authority and emotional intelligence works by trust .
courses work by authority, therefore you have no courses about emotional intelligence .
you can not get trust by courses .
you can get trust by a tree of trust
(which we have (therefore we can say, we are ok (you and me, we are ok) and therefore we can make circles of trust (each discussion is a circle of trust) and therefore we are entitled to criticize us 😉 ) .

@ SK (2011-12-05)
it’s not what you write (as I’ve said: I’m standing on your shoulders), it’s HOW you write .
you are not talking to us, you are crying !
and yes, on this little comment-display, it’s SPAM .
I’ve tried several times to talk with you .
there was no result . you always started a monolog .
and the amazing thing: you’re proud of it .
here we have a wonderful example of how the programs that we learn in the womb, work in our lives .
ich sage mal voraus, dass du hierauf nicht antworten wirst 😦


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